Currently reading: Ultima unveils road-legal 1200bhp V8-powered RS supercar
British firm's fastest model yet packs Chevrolet V8 and Porsche gearbox, with a claimed 250mph-plus top speed

Leicester-based sports car manufacturer Ultima has revealed the new RS supercar, its fastest road-legal model yet and featuring up to 1200bhp.

Based on the firm’s limited-run Evolution, the RS gains a number of modifications and enhancements to the powertrain, bodywork and chassis to maximise performance. 

The gel-coated bodywork of the RS has been designed with a strong emphasis on functionality. A 1780mm rear wing works alongside carbonfibre front and rear splitters and wheel-arch vents to enhance downforce, aerodynamic performance and engine cooling, while the new model’s cabin has been subtly reshaped to reduce frontal area.


There are three powertrain options, each taken from Chevrolet’s range of Euro 6-compliant V8 engines. Entry-level models are powered by the 480bhp LT1, capable of 0-60mph in 3.3sec and more than 180mph. The more powerful LT4 unit packs 650bhp and will take the RS to around 210mph. 

The flagship 800bhp supercharged LT5 unit produces 800bhp in standard form, but can be tuned to offer up to 1200bhp, which the company says gives the 930kg RS “the potential to outrun every other road-going hypercar on the planet”. In this form, Ultima says the RS will sprint from 0-60mph in 2.3sec and can exceed 250mph. 

Power is fed through a six-speed manual Porsche gearbox, with the company stating that a PDK unit would not be “in keeping with the ethos of an Ultima”. 

The RS sits atop Ultima’s own 19in lightweight wheels, which are wrapped in high-performance Michelin tyres. 


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Stopping power comes from a set of 322mm AP vented discs as standard, but optional 362mm AP grooved units and upgraded six-piston calipers can take the RS from 100mph-0 in 3.3sec, 0.47sec quicker than the McLaren Senna performed in our tests last year.

The model’s fully adjustable suspension system provides nine different angles of attack, with an optional front-end hydraulic lift mechanism enhancing on-road usability. 

Inside, Ultima has installed a fully welded and powder-coated roll-cage, half-leather sports seats with lumbar support, an Alpine infotainment system with sat-nav and Bluetooth options, and a bespoke luggage set with RS branding. 


Pricing has not yet been confirmed, but the company’s website says the model can be bought for the same price as a “mundane new BMW M3”, suggesting it will start from around £60,000. 

Customers can contact the company for a quotation, but Ultima is warning that lead time for a fully built ‘turnkey’ model is currently more than two years. The parts for a self-assembly model can be delivered in 22 weeks. 

The RS will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 4-7 July.  

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Johann Sebastia... 18 August 2020

1200 bhp LT5

This thing is epic, my Fiancee` and I gotta couple each. They're mindblowingly fast..and will make mince meat of Hypercars costing multiple times more

275not599 11 June 2019

Ultima knows where to shop for engines

Ultima knows where to shop for engines.  I am not particularly a fan of either Ultimas or Corvettes, but a lot of the comments on this thread are very similar to what Americans keep saying about the Corvette.  In terms of performance metrics for the price, the Corvette can be amazing.  The difference is that if you want to take the Ultima all the way the manufacturer will do it, whereas Chevy will only take you so far then it's the after market.

Peter Cavellini 10 June 2019

Big enough Worm......

 It looks good, whether it is actually good remains to be seen, and, £60,000 staring price?!, would suggest the 1200bhp job will be Porsche Turbo S money?! if !!

jason_recliner 11 June 2019

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:

 It looks good, whether it is actually good remains to be seen, and, £60,000 staring price?!, would suggest the 1200bhp job will be Porsche Turbo S money?! if !!

The Ultima has 890+ kW and weights 930 kg - do you think it will be "good"?

If comparing it to a Porsche 911(!), it depends what you think adds value to a car - consider that the Porsche is a mostly steel car mass produced by VAG.  The Ultima is manufactured by hand in tiny numbers by craftsmen in the UK.  And it has more than TWICE the power of the 911!