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Thirty examples of 4x4 will be built by British Land Rover tuner; may be offered in the UK

Land Rover tuner Twisted has unveiled the NAS-E, a limited-run electric SUV based on Land Rover’s original North American-specification (NAS) Defender.

Just 30 of the zero-emissions 4x4s will be built and are now available to order in the US. Two trim levels are offered: the standard NAS-E, at $185,000 (around £145,700), and the more powerful and exclusive NAS-E Plus, at $210,000 (£165,400). 

Twisted has hinted that the car will eventually be sold globally, but it's unclear whether it will be coming to the UK.

The NAS-E sports a short wheelbase soft-top bodytype inspired by the original NAS Defender. Sold in the US between 1993 and 1997, that car is now a collector’s item, with original examples regularly selling for more than £100,000.

The electric NAS-E is powered by a Remy BorgWarner electric motor, delivering more than 214bhp and 280lb ft of torque to all four wheels. For the NAS-E Plus, performance increases to 320bhp and 309bl ft of torque.

Supporting this is a distributed lithium nickel, cobalt and manganese battery pack with an energy storage system that uses four battery modules to maximise capacity. Range is 200 miles.

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Buyers can choose from three colour options – Malibu Yellow, Yosemite Green and Tahloe Blue - each inspired by a California landscape. In the initial production run of 30 units, 10 will be produced in each colour.

The interior has been modernised with cream leather seats, a full infotainment system and a touchscreen for controlling the EV specifics, alongside a silver-finished Twisted sports steering wheel. A roll cage and Bimini hood are standard.

Buyers who opt for the NAS-E Plus gain a brush bar, side steps, rollbar spotlights, black side sills and an exclusive body stripe decal.

“As the world moves steadily toward mass electrification, the Californian market has been missing a uniquely stylish electric 4x4 option," said Bruce Riggs, head of Twisted North America. "The Twisted NAS-E is the ultimate expression of the American coastal lifestyle.”


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Each custom-built model will take nine months from the point of order. Twisted expects the first cars to be completed by October this year.


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Citytiger 23 July 2020

Meanwhile in other news

a quick look on YouTube will show plenty of EV defenders,, 

Citytiger 23 July 2020

I am fairy sure

that Electric Classic Cars from Wales have converted Defenders to full EV significantly cheaper than this..