Currently reading: Toyota unveils Copen GR Sport as hot compact convertible
Daihatsu’s lightweight Copen is given the Gazoo Racing treatment with chassis upgrades and styling tweaks

Toyota has revealed a hot GR Sport version of subsidiary company Daihatsu’s Copen convertible.

The compact two-seater, built to Japan’s ‘kei car’ specifications, receives a number of styling and chassis upgrades to create an entry point into Toyota’s growing range of performance models

Toyota’s modifications are primarily handling-focused, with the addition of a front brace and reshaped centre brace enhancing body rigidity. Suspension modifications, including a retuned spring rate and bespoke shock absorbers, are claimed to achieve a balance between smoothness and grip. 

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The Copen’s electric power steering system has been tuned for enhanced dynamics, and is claimed to improve turn-in response and make it easier to use the car’s full performance in all environments. 

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Design tweaks include the addition of a more aggressively styled front bumper, a grille design inspired by other Toyota GR models and new sports-style BBS forged aluminium wheels. 

Inside, the Daihatu’s seats are replaced with performance-oriented Recaro items, while the speedometer and rev counter are redesigned to reinforce the car’s sporting ambitions. There are eight colour options for the exterior, but the Copen GR Sports’ interior can only be specified in black. 

The Copen’s 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine is retained, sending power to the front wheels through a five-speed manual or seven-speed CVT gearbox. 

The model is currently unavailable outside Japan, with domestic prices starting from 2,380,000 yen, equivalent to roughly £17,330. 

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Old But not yet Dead 15 October 2019


Should GB after Brexit ( sorry ! ) adapt some of the principles of the Kei car regulations to stimulate some small car innovation in our increasingly staid and boring offers to city car customers ?

flukey 15 October 2019


Really interesting car but I always assumed it was RWD like the Cappucinos and S660. Shame it's FWD really though I suppose with such a short wheelbase any (snap) oversteer heroics would end up in the nearest bush. Still, would be cooler if it had a proper sports car setup. 

abkq 15 October 2019

Refreshingly small,

Refreshingly small, distinctively styled. But why follow the current trend of treating the bonnet cut line as a separate piece (that is, the body coloured strip between the bonnet opening and the front grille)?