Mark X revealed for the Japanese market
22 October 2009

This is the new shape Toyota X saloon, which the company hopes is a match for the BMW 5-series

On paper, the uppercrust rear-drive Mark X is very much a machine in the BMW mould, although it’s on the market in Japan for thousands of pounds less.

See the full hi-res Toyota X saloon picture gallery

This latest-generation X kicks off in three grades, standard, premium and sports type. It also boasts a fair helping of Lexus tech underneath to push dynamics and image.

There are two petrol V6 engines available; the 200bhp 2.5-litre engine is a detuned version of the 4GR-FSE unit from the Lexus IS250.

Likewise, the range-topping 314bhp 3.5-litre engine is shared with the Lexus GS350. A six-speed auto transmission is standard.

With front double-wishbone and rear multilink suspension, the 4730 mm Mark X is again not far off the Lexus IS/GS family, but the cabin treatment is more dour and workmanlike, and highly conventional.

The Mark X - shown at the Tokyo motor show - is not expected to come anywhere near Europe.

Instead, this will be Toyota’s BMW wannabe in Japan and some parts of Asia.

Peter Nunn

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19 October 2009

What a waste, they just need to expand their Lexus Brand in Europe.

Nice Lexus ES that's been on the market for 4 years here in the US, Toyota. I bet many of you Europeans will get tricked into paying quite a sum for it too. What a shame?

This car company is declining faster and faster by the day. The Corolla is already almost on par with the Chevrolet Colbalt. This new Corolla is only a step above the Colbalt.

Toyota=Japanese GM

Watch, in 10 years their rankings and perception of quality will be that reality

19 October 2009

By the way, this car costs $34,800 to start in the US.

Im guessing with your added taxes across the pond, this car will be close to 30,000 Pounds.

30,000 Pounds is a lot of Money for a car that's been out in other markets for 4 years. Thats almost $50,000 US. For that Price I there's so many options from Hyundai to Audi, its silly to even consider one.

19 October 2009


Did you actually read the article? Perhaps that Hyundai smoke got in your eyes?

19 October 2009

What a poor design, it would perfectly blend into the mass of the Shanghai Motor Show.

19 October 2009

Ugly car.... no 5-series rival at all. Can't see it competing with VW Passat either.

19 October 2009

In what way is it a 5-series rival? Because it's of similar size and RWD? Then any Volga is the Beemer's rival.

19 October 2009

1) The front doesn't look especially nice in any way: neither beautiful nor striking 2) The dashboard looks slightly fussy for a car claiming to rival any car in this segment. 3) The rear resembles the new Accord

19 October 2009

I must also recognize that HyundaiSmoke put salt a bit too much... but apart that he is right, and I agree with him.

Toyota is loosing touch, and playing too silly.

IMHO they must stop and rethink what they have been doing these last times.

(playing silly for 10 millions, and too much arrogance towards MB and BMW)

it`s my opinion, but still I prefer ten millions times an unreliable SL than a stupid-silly SC whatever...

life`s too short not to

19 October 2009

This is just laughably bad. I wish more and more that toyota would just go out of business and leave space in the car market for companies with a bit of flair and imagination.

19 October 2009

Exactly!, in the U.S

This car will go well there no question, but in blighty it's just another rice box limo,here there is to much competition, Honda, Mazda,and Hyundai all have cars like this, i don't know what Toyota are up to but this isn't going to sell well globally, is it?

Peter Cavellini.


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