Currently reading: Toyota GR 86 buyers offered Subaru BRZ test drives in Japan
New sports coupé hits its home market at less than £20,000, and buyers can also try its Subaru sibling

The long-awaited Toyota GR 86 has launched in its Japanese home market, and prospective customers are being offered back-to-back test drives with its near-identical Subaru BRZ sibling. 

As with the previous-generation BRZ and Toyota GT86, the new sports coupés have been developed in tandem by the Japanese manufacturers and share their engine, overall design, cabin layout and fundamental elements of their chassis. But Toyota maintains that it has "focused on delivering the unique driving feel of a GR [Gazoo Racing] vehicle" and wants buyers to see the difference. 

With orders now open at Toyota dealerships in Japan, the firm has invited fans to a dedicated event at the Fuji Speedway to compare the characteristics of the two cars. A range of activities are planned to highlight the disparities between the cars, before in-store presentations begin in December.

Subaru isn't bringing the BRZ to Europe, so GR 86 buyers in the UK won't be afforded the same opportunity to compare the two cars back to back. 

Toyota has also confirmed details of the GR 86's trim and pricing structure in its home market. Prices start at 2,799,000 yen (£17,895) for the entry-level RC with a six-speed manual gearbox, climbing to 3,036,000 yen (£19,410) for the mid-rung SZ and 3,349,000 yen (£21,415) for the range-topping RZ.

A six-speed automatic gearbox is available on the SZ and RZ for a small premium.

Prices in the UK are likely to be slightly higher, given that the GT86 started from around £22,000.

The partnership between Toyota and Subaru also extends to electric cars; Toyota will soon launch the bZ4X SUV as its debut mainstream EV and Subaru will follow shortly after with the closely related Solterra.  


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gavsmit 29 October 2021

I thought there must be an error in the text mentioning a starting price of the GT-86 for £22,000 as I remember thinking the launch entry price of £25,000 was too much back in 2012, then found Toyota did actually introduce a trim level a few years later that at its lowest price retailed for £22,705. Must have been something to do with slow sales - if it had been cheaper from launch it could've been a sales winner.

The problem with Toyota putting a huge price tag on the GR-86 is that the Yaris GR costs £30,000 in standard trim, and I know which one I'd go for. I know availability is scarce for the Yaris but there are still plenty of dealerships offering them (although sometimes for a few quid more) - so we'll have to see what Toyota sells the GR-86 for. 

I predict a price for the entry model of £32,000, and I'm not prepared to pay that much for an ICE car any more, especially after all the selfish panic-buying of fuel recently.


ianp55 28 October 2021

Still can't believe that the BRZ isn't coming to the UK it would have been good to have had the choice, with Subaru sales here slipping below 1000 units how long before the parent company in Japan either does something about it or withdraws from the UK market

artill 28 October 2021

If it gets here at under £30k i will be impressed, and suspect one is in my future at some point. There wont be many more lower cost RWD manual coupe's .