Toyota sources in Japan confirm coupe has been delayed until 2013 at the earliest
28 May 2010

The Toyota FT-86 coupe will not go on sale until 2013 at the earliest, company sources in Japan have told Autocar.

The rear-drive coupe, which has been co-developed with Subaru, was originally tipped to go on sale in 2011, but its development has been plagued with problems.

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The latest delay has been reported in Japan as being down to the country’s current economic situation, while the firm is also believed to be waiting to see how successful the new Honda CR-Z is.

That car’s success could lead to a hybrid version of the FT-86 being available from launch.

Currently powering the FT-86 is Subaru’s four-cylinder boxer engine; Toyota is working on improving the economy and efficiency of this unit and this has led to the projected base price being increased by more than £2000 to around £15,000 in Japan.

These increasing development costs have moved the FT-86 away from its original design brief of being a cheap, rear-drive sports car.

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28 May 2010

they could have had a car on sale in 2011 to make money on and that fitted the design brief and was more economic and lower emissions than planned by just putting in their neat 1.6 engine (as per lotus elise) in instead and turbocharging it.

i expect a contract with subaru for the engines was what ruined it for them.

28 May 2010

I agree Beachland 2.Toyota have the engines and the expertise to go ahead on their own with this car.Subaru hardly moving the game on these days,are they?

28 May 2010

The boxer was to try and keep the bonnet line as low as possible. As I see it they could have said "screw it, the boxer meets Tier 2 Bin 5 in the US, Euro 5 in the EU and Subaru have made it PZEV in the US" - that's good enough for me. 35mpg might not be outstanding, but £2k extra in development costs is a shed load of fuel. I wanted to see this car on sale ASAP with decent performance and as undiluted as possible. Toyota/Subaru have disappointed me.

28 May 2010

[quote theonlydt]The boxer was to try and keep the bonnet line as low as possible[/quote]

Maybe so, but it can be done with a normal straight four - Honda got a really low bonnet line in the S2000. Since they're not using Subaru's 4wd system, why do they need Subaru at all? Just make a new Celica and be done with it.

28 May 2010

[quote MHanna]Maybe so, but it can be done with a normal straight four - Honda got a really low bonnet line in the S2000[/quote] I think the newer regs on pedestrian impact since the s2000 would make it more difficult. The Toyota 4 cylinders are also quite tall engines - a flat boxer engine is perfect for them to get a very low bonnet line, low centre of gravity and still meet all the regulations. The only other engines "short" enough could be a small V6, or a really quite oversquare 4 cylinder inline. Maybe even a turbocharged 2 or 3 cylinder set further back. There's nothing wrong with the Subaru Boxer, it's at least 150bhp, decent torque, nice sound and in a light car 40mpg might be possible given it'd be 2wd. Why complicate things with hybrids or the newest tech to squeeze a few extra mpgs when the price increase won't be worth it?

28 May 2010

the car is built for RWD format & boxer engines are configured north/south so it should be straight forward & clean design.... shouldn't be too difficult at all

28 May 2010

They should ditch the boxer and fit an efficient direct injection turbocharged Toyota petrol engine and bring it to market in 2011. Toyota used to lead the world with their efficient petrol engine technology!

28 May 2010

[quote lotuscc]Toyota used to lead the world with their efficient petrol engine technology![/quote]

Quite so. Toyotas are renowned for unstoppability, no, unsteerability, no, wrong again, unbrakeability. Them Japs sure have this car thing sussed.

28 May 2010

oh, oh, oh... here we go again.

this thing will be "under development" even more than the recall Apex.

maybe that way they can engineering properly the floor mats, and the pedals, and the...

moving on, it sucks the nonsense of the flat & low bonnet:

fit any engine with an angle offset, damm!

28 May 2010

This is going to be one of the most misguided and drawn-out developments in car history. We have a concept which looks production ready but, finances aside, technical reasons may mean this car will probably look different in production form, and by that time the excitement will have gone. The car will have to be very good to reignite the enthusiasm.


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