Firm says price rises – which won't apply to entry-level Model 3 - will allow it to close fewer stores
James Attwood, digital editor
11 March 2019

Tesla will raise the price of all its cars, with the exception of the new entry-level Model 3 Standard, by ‘an average’ of 3% worldwide.

The price rises, which will come into effect on 18 March, will add around £2160 to the £72,000 starting price of a Model S, and £2400 to the cheapest Model X SUV, currently £80,200. The Model 3 has not yet gone on sale in the UK, so final pricing has yet to be decided.

Tesla says the move will allow it to keep open more of its Tesla stores than previously planned. When announcing the $35,000 (£30,355) Model 3 last week, company boss Elon Musk said achieving the long-targeted price for the entry-level variant could only be achieved by cost saving from closing a number of its stores and switching to an online-only sales model. Musk did not specify how many stores would close, or how many jobs would be lost as a result.

Tesla said it has closed around 10% of its stores in areas of low footfall, but said a small number of those would now be reopened. It added that the future of another 20% of locations will be under review in the next few months.

Despite keeping more stores open, Tesla will still use an online only sales model worldwide, with all car sold with a seven-day or 1000-mile return policy. Traditional test drives will still be available at stores, which the firm said will also keep a small stock of cars for customers who wish to drive one away immediately.

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11 March 2019

I’m sure plenty of buyers would happily sacrifice a few more shops for no price rise.

11 March 2019

Exactly!!! Kinda got the wrong way round. I'm sure i'd rather drive another 50 miles than pay another 10 hundred quid.

Not that i'd ever buy a Tesla anyway.


12 March 2019
JMax18 wrote:

Exactly!!! Kinda got the wrong way round. I'm sure i'd rather drive another 50 miles than pay another 10 hundred quid.

Not that i'd ever buy a Tesla anyway.

O YOU BRAINLESS dope, what do you know about cars id like to know.

These people coming on and ruining the comment section with the absurd opinions.

That is a warning!

Ernest 5678


11 March 2019

But that wasnt the option Merlot....they anounced that they would close ALL Tesla stores with their online sales model.

Thus the opportunity to test drive was completely lost.

They dont seem to appreciate that the 'hand it back if not satisfied within 1000 miles or one week' promise, is a pain in the arse to the consumer. 

If you have had to buy without trying and now you hate the have to find another car double quick (or hire one), whilst you rethink your all the resulting paperwork. All for the sake of a Test Drive in the first place. Messy!

11 March 2019

They dropped prices last week and now they  are going to increase them again. After a test drive 4.5 years ago on a Saturday I discovered the prices had changed the day before but the salesman didn’t know. They changed again the following Monday. That’s two changes in two working days. Gave me no confidence in them if they cannot even decide how to price their product. Seems they haven’t improved any

11 March 2019

From what I've read their RRSP price is pretty much what you pay, especially if you deal over the web.  That's fine but not very flexible, Others like BMW etc the salesman are told how much they can discount a particular model on a month by month basis.

This means price changes have to be carried out in public and when this happens to often it looks a bit amateurish, this in turn puts a question mark over the professionism of Tesla more than most as just about every thing they do is reported on.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

11 March 2019

OH.... here goes the downfall of electric cars.......

- tesla increasing model prices by 3%

- volvo changes speed of cars to 112mph




11 March 2019

Tesla are going to have to re-visit this.  If you purchase a car off-premises (online) you have 14 days to return it by right, not 7 days - this is after delivery.

11 March 2019

Wow, 83k for a model X before options! How are the residuals looking?

11 March 2019
I truly admire the faith of the believers.


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