Currently reading: Suzuki Swift to get more efficient Dualjet petrol engine in 2015
Host of upgrades to Suzuki's 1.2-litre petrol engine boost average economy to 65.7mpg and cut emissions to 99g/km of CO2

A new 1.2-litre 'Dualjet' petrol engine, set to be introduced to the Suzuki Swift range in 2015, is claimed to offer significant improvements in efficiency.

The engine, which is currently undergoing evaluation by Suzuki GB, reputedly averages 65.7mpg and emits 99g/km of CO2. Consequently it betters the existing 1.2-litre petrol by 9.2mpg and 17g/km respectively – and is also exempt from VED.

Suzuki has achieved these consumption and emissions reductions through a series of engine upgrades. Primarily, instead of one fuel injector per cylinder, the new Dualjet engine utilises two.

That means that each of the eight intake ports in the 16-valve engine gets its own injector, rather than the two intake ports of every cylinder having to share one, resulting in more precise control and finer fuel atomisation.

Using an injector per port also means that the injector itself can be positioned closer to the back of the intake valve, further improving atomisation and delivering additional efficiency gains.

Other modifications to the engine include redesigned intake ports, combustion chambers and piston crowns, oil cooling jets for the underside of the pistons, a new exhaust gas recirculation system, start-stop and a hike in the compression ratio from 11.0:1 to 12.0:1.

Maximum power output is slightly reduced, from 93bhp to 89bhp, but torque is up from 87lb ft to 89lb ft. Suzuki has also altered the Suzuki Swift's gear ratios slightly to offer improved flexibility on the road.

The new Dualjet engine will initially be offered in two-wheel-drive SZ4 models. Three-door versions will cost around £14,500, five-door models approximately £15,150 – a premium of some £500 over the standard 1.2-litre Swift.

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Will86 11 September 2014

Is the Price Right?

The current Swift starts from under £11k (or £9k with a bit of haggling) so I don't think the price is right. Seems more like the price for the Swift Sport.
Lewis Kingston 12 September 2014

RE: Pricing

Will86 wrote:

The current Swift starts from under £11k (or £9k with a bit of haggling) so I don't think the price is right. Seems more like the price for the Swift Sport.

Morning Will. The Dualjet is currently only planned to be available in the range-topping SZ4 Swifts, which cost upwards of £14,039 at the moment. You are correct in that they are very similar in cost to the Swift Sport at that price; it currently starts at £13,999.

xxxx 11 September 2014

price point

Problem is that makes it £750 MORE expensive than the 1.2 turbo Mini. And yes I do know the SZ4 is higher spec'd but £750 would get you the things you might want.
LP in Brighton 11 September 2014

Engine sounds really promising

I wonder why Suzuki GB feel the need to "evaluate" it, unless there is some doubt as to its compatability with UK fuel?
That said the £500 premium makes it an unattractive proposition for all but the highest mileage drivers.