Currently reading: Suzuki bolsters Swift range with 4x4 and five-door Sport
Suzuki Swift range expands to include 4x4 variants and a five-door version of the Sport

Suzuki has released the first details of its new Suzuki Swift 4x4 and five door Swift Sport models.

The Swift Sport five-door is priced at £14,249 – a £500 premium over the three-door – and Suzuki expects it to account for around a third of all Swift Sport sales. 

The Swift 4x4 will between £11,516 and £13,116. One engine will be available at launch - a 1.2-litre petrol coupled to a manual transmission.

Power is transmitted through a permanent automatic four-wheel driven system which manages torque via a viscous coupling, which Suzuki claims can permit achieve higher cornering speeds.

The Swift 4x4 is 65kg heavier than the equivalent front-wheel drive model, with emissions of 126g/km.

The styling of entry-level SZ3 models doesn’t differ greatly from front-drive variants. The premium SZ4 trim adds front and rear skid plates and wheel arch extensions and side skirts. The SZ4 also gets folding door mirrors and DRLs as standard.


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The Suzuki Swift is better than ever - but is that good enough, when the crowded supermini segment is filled with excellent alternatives?

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fadyady 9 July 2013

Bit weedy?

The 1.2L engine for the 4WD option may be a bit weedy, I guess?

Doesn't the Suzuki have a 1.4L engine to haul the extra weight?

artill 9 July 2013

This does make the 4x4 Panda

This does make the 4x4 Panda look very expensive. It may not be a huge market but i imagine Suzuki will get a big chunk of it with this. I wonder if a slightly bigger engine option will apear later on?

Suzuki QT 9 July 2013

Hmmm ...

Pity that the 1.3 diesel is not the engine of choice as I think the 1.2 petrol wont be powerful enough to lug around an extra 65kgs ... Still, £11-13K for a supermini 4x4 is a bit of a bargain, and the Swift is a cracking car to start with ...

Incidentally, I think you'll find that DRLs are now a legal requirement, regardless of the trim level ...

catnip 9 July 2013

Suzuki QT

Suzuki QT wrote:

Incidentally, I think you'll find that DRLs are now a legal requirement, regardless of the trim level ...

As far as I'm aware its only models type approved after the beginning of 2011 which have to have DRLs, there is no requirement for older models (such as the Swift) to feature them. Adding quite prominent LEDs to an ageing model seems to be a stock facelift measure at the moment, unfortunately some of them do look rather  'Halfords'.