Surrey's roads contain more potholes than anywhere else, according to new research
10 March 2010

Surrey’s roads contain more potholes than anywhere else in the country, according to a new survey from Kia.

The survey, launched after Kia saw a 150 per cent increase in pothole-related repairs, found 1998 potholes across Surrey.

Hampshire has been named as the second worst UK county for potholed with 892 found. Kent was third with 857.

The increase in potholes is widely attributed to the recent severe weather. Ageing tarmac is believed to have accelerated the problem.

Local authorities claim £8.5 billion is required to bring the country’s roads up to scratch and blame a lack of funding which has created a 13-year backlog in road maintenance programmes.

The Kia Motors UK Pothole Survey list in full:

1. Surrey 19982. Hampshire 8923. Kent 8574. Hertfordshire 8555. Oxfordshire 7966. Lancashire 7337. Essex 7348. West Sussex 6809. Buckinghamshire 67810. Gloucestershire 655

Karl Berridge

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10 March 2010

I'm not surprised - the roads here in Surrey are in a terrible state.

2 October 2012

coolGav wrote:

I'm not surprised - the roads here in Surrey are in a terrible state.

prob all the trucks that drive around the place.

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10 March 2010

Was this survey just in England or the whole of the UK? I presume only England because some of the roads here in Scotland are diabolical, the ones in Argyll and Bute deserve a special mention for their suspension and wheel destroying powers.

10 March 2010

I do wonder what their criteria was in determining a "pothole" for this advertorial survey.

734 in Essex? A couple of weeks ago I drove along Grange Road, just outside Billericay, and there must have been well over 100 just in the 1/4 mile stretch I went along.

10 March 2010

I very much doubt it was the whole of the uk - the roads here in central scotland are beyond a joke, and it's not even in one particular town/city - glasgow edinburgh stirling and all places inbetween are particularly terrible

10 March 2010

You can't drive anywhere within Surrey without 'meeting' at least one pothole...makes learning to drive fun though! (there's at least one big one on every test route).

10 March 2010

[quote crazyal]drive anywhere within Surrey without 'meeting' at least one pothole.[/quote]

Since the surrey CC took over for road maintenance from Woking BC they have done almost nothing, and whan questioned say 'we have no money'!!

It's their civic duty!!

10 March 2010

I've just had to replace a punctured tyre as a result of a pothole buckling my wheel and a slow puncture at the rear may very well be a result of the same issue. Driving between Surrey and Hampshire.

10 March 2010

Absolute Bullsh!t of course. It's just subliminal-type, aspirational advertising by Kia, where Kia = Surrey is implanted in feeble minds. The two deserve each other.

As to potholes, this Global Warming-caused endless winter, (new ice age? has caused repairs estimated at €100m cost alone for the city of Berlin, whose alloted budget covers €6m of that. UK's cost must be in the billions.

10 March 2010

There's alledgedly a pothole every 120yds in the UK, but we had a really bad Winter, Artic conditions in some parts, really hard day after day of frost, now when frost penatrates deep into the ground and then thaws it pushes the ground up and that's when holes occur, because of the severe Winter (worst in thirty years)there have been more road surface damage, it'll take some time to repair all the extra damage and with a recession on it might tale longer.

Peter Cavellini.


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