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Russian company Marussia reveals all-new F2 SUV

This is the new Marussia F2 SUV - the Russian supercar maker's first foray into the off-road market.

Marussia, best known for its B1 and B2 supercars, unveiled the car at the CSTB media conference in Moscow, describing it as "a multipurpose vehicle capable of use in any weather situation".

See the Marussia F2 SUV pictures

Its makers say the SUV has been designed for use as an emergency vehicle, a mobile command centre or military use. Consequently,it has a customisable interior.

No other details have been released.

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mantaray 13 May 2010

Re: Supercar maker launches an SUV

JordanB2710 wrote:
Theres nothing wrong with the Cayenne and when did a vehicle that you want for its utilitarian abilities have to look sleek and drop dead gorgeous like a DB9.

That's my point......They tried to style the Cayenne after the rest of their range...i.e. make it a 911 clone, no, it shpuldn't look like a DB9...or in this case a 911

This has gone the other end of the scale and taken ugly to a new low......

Well I stick by what I've always said.....Money doesn't buy taste!

Calibra V6 13 May 2010

Re: Supercar maker launches an SUV

Noself respecting soldier would be seen swanning around in front of the taliban in one of these. Thaere is also vanity in war, then again our new defence secretary may have other ideas, especially if they are cheap. Watch out boys!

Peter Cavellini 13 May 2010

Re: Supercar maker launches an SUV

Muck spreader might have been closer to it use, mined you it could have military options?.