Russian company Marussia reveals all-new F2 SUV
13 May 2010

This is the new Marussia F2 SUV - the Russian supercar maker's first foray into the off-road market.

Marussia, best known for its B1 and B2 supercars, unveiled the car at the CSTB media conference in Moscow, describing it as "a multipurpose vehicle capable of use in any weather situation".

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Its makers say the SUV has been designed for use as an emergency vehicle, a mobile command centre or military use. Consequently,it has a customisable interior.

No other details have been released.

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13 May 2010

pass the sick bag..... they could have at least got the shut lines right on the door


13 May 2010

[quote Autocar]Marussia, best known for its B1 and B2 supercars[/quote]

Er, when you say "best known", do you mean among Russian supercar enthusiasts? Don't ever remember seeing one on the roads, or reading a review in Autocar...

About time Lamborghini did another LM. Just like the first one, a completely ridiculous Humvee rival with no redeeming features for on-road use or posing.

13 May 2010

Not at all pretty, but................i think its kinda cool, would i buy one, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!

13 May 2010

I've seen Marrussia supercars, and they are beautiful, why would they sully the brand with this?

13 May 2010

Suddenly, the Ssangyong Rodius becomes a thing of beauty.

13 May 2010

I have to say, thats FUGLY. Cant they learn lessons from other supercar makers who forayed into the SUV market? Lambo's LM002 was scarily horrid, and as for the Cayenne, sorry Porsche, as much as i love your cars, its not very nice is it.

13 May 2010

Here we go again another waste of fiber glass and P38. It is amazing that with all this money, these "New World" car companies can't get some decent designers with at least a clue of how to design a car, let alone design one where the shutlines work.

Some would say that "oh its a different market, different culture..." It may be but that is no excuse for bad design. At the moment all I see is this plague of bad cars. It really saddens.

End of Rant

13 May 2010


No, seriously...WTF!!!!

Supercar manufacturers should be banned from making "SUVs"

I thought we learnt that lesson with the Porsche Cayenne!!

13 May 2010

The only bad thing about this SUV from what I can see is the overtly thick pillars which are really bad cause who wants reduced visibility. I guess its to give the idea of strength and prothection like the Humvee. Theres nothing wrong with the Cayenne and when did a vehicle that you want for its utilitarian abilities have to look sleek and drop dead gorgeous like a DB9.

13 May 2010

Muck spreader might have been closer to it use, mined you it could have military options?.

Peter Cavellini.


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