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Teaser shots released by Subaru suggest a hot Subaru BRZ STI is in development
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5 August 2013

The Subaru BRZ STI is under development, according to some cryptic teaser images on Subaru’s Japanese STI website. 

The images show a BRZ displaying the iconic pink STI badge on the front grille, and a second logo on a chrome fin across the front wing vents.

Subaru has provided no further information on the BRZ STI, but Tetsuya Tada, programme chief previously told Autocar that supercharging was a possibility. However, he ruled out a turbocharged version due to packaging difficulties. Internet reports suggest his team is also investigating a KERS-type feature.

A raft of chassis modifications are also likely to be offered. A number of TRD-developed modifications are already available, and Subaru UK has already indicated it will offer approved upgrades through tuning company Pro-R.

Subaru is likely to tweak the BRZ’s styling, with a more aggressive bodykit and wing inspired by the original Subaru BRZ STI Concept, which was shown at the 2011 Los Angeles motor show.


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n. leone 6 August 2013


I mean, there were a number of comments yesterday morning, and they all vanished since.

n. leone 5 August 2013

Where have all the comments

Where have all the comments gone?

Symanski 5 August 2013

Don't get too excited.

n. leone wrote:

Where have all the comments gone?

Sure it's not that nobody is interested?   We know that Subaru UK won't import it.

kraftwerk 6 August 2013


n. leone wrote:

Where have all the comments gone?

...someone at Autocar saw sense and finally implemented some sort of censorship to rid the comments section of the usual load of utter drivel.