Subaru UK has been allocated more BRZ units to keep up with demand for the rear-wheel-drive sports car in this country

Subaru says it has secured a larger annual allocation of BRZ sports cars because of high customer demand.

More units of the 197bhp rear-wheel-drive car have now been received and a larger annual allocation secured for next year.

A company spokesperson told Autocar that roughly half of the 50-strong Subaru UK dealer network now have a BRZ on display, while the average waiting time to complete new orders has shrunk to between two and six weeks.

The company describes the BRZ as a sales success having sold out of its full UK allocation. It sold 100 units in 2012, and 120 so far in 2013. 

By comparison, Toyota sold 1435 GT86 units in 2012 and 1060 so far this year. A Subaru spokesman said that Toyota's share of production was "several times" larger than Subaru's and European allocation of the BRZ was tight.

The spokesman said: "The BRZ will always remain a niche choice. Some people will like that".

Subaru has also confirmed that a new range of approved upgrade parts will soon be available to customers. The upgrades, sold by tuning company Pro-R, will cover suspension kits, exhaust upgrades and wheel and body styling options.

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Subaru BRZ

The BRZ and the GT86 are two peas from the same pod, but we find out if the Subaru moniker makes it a different beast to the superb Toyota?

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31 July 2013

Searching on Autotrader there's 26 BRZs listed for sale.   They all look like ex-demo cars.   So of the 220 cars "sold" 12% of them are sitting in forecourts unused by the public.   Not that much demand then.


When Subaru UK had a decent WRX / STi they'd sell 200+ in a month!   That should be the reality check that Subaru needs - get rid of Subaru UK.

31 July 2013

Need to get rid of the current management at Subaru UK and appoint people who understand the UK market and the brands position in that market, then bring in products that customers want, not what they think the customers want. 

I would love another manual Spec B Legacy Sports Tourer with a flat 6 engine, not the current ugly flat 4 CVT gearbox thing they offer now.

31 July 2013

Hard to understand the 1000% greater units that Toyota has shifted when you consider it's an enthusiast's offering and the BRZ is supposedly a little more hardcore.  Woeful dealer network can presumably be blamed on poor investment & neglect by Subaru UK but the quixotic model range seems to have been developed specifically to alienate the core customer groups. Fuji Heavy Industries seem intent on perfecting their masterclass on how not to build a car brand. Sadly I can't envisage the circumstances under which I'd become a customer again. I'm sure many would say the same.

31 July 2013

AHA1 wrote:

Hard to understand the 1000% greater units that Toyota has shifted when you consider it's an enthusiast's offering and the BRZ is supposedly a little more hardcore

I believe it is part of Toyota and Subaru's agreement that Subaru's sales of the BRZ are capped at a certain percentage, which I believe may be as low as 10%. It sounds very restrictive, but I imagine it's to protect Toyota's investment as I believe they contributed most to the engineering of the car (aside from the engine, which was definitely Subaru's work, and possibly the drivetrain). That being said, Subaru's brand profile has fallen considerably in recent years as well so that would also account for it.

31 July 2013

enthusiats on forums say they want big-engined Imprezas and Legacies. and how rubbish Subaru UK importer is not not satisfying this demand - but Subaru struggled to sell anything like that in big enough numbers to show that a significant number of people actually want to buy them.

The problem seems to be that most customers think sporty means a rock hard ride (a la Audi), and are more interested these days in what's on the surface than what's underneath.

Anyway, back to the subject - I might well get a BRZ, but am rather put off by the nearest dealer being over 40 miles away.  Cannot see myself getting the Toyota equivalent though, even if dealer much nearer

31 July 2013

...who have been clamouring for a little more oomph in the BRZ/GT86 performance since its launch, it must be good news that Subaru is bringing approved upgrade parts - including suspension kits and exhaust upgrades.

1 August 2013

Subaru has also confirmed that a new range of approved upgrade parts will soon be available to customers.

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