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BMW is lining up a series of mid-life tweaks to its flagship 7-series, including a new V8 engine

BMW is lining up a series of mid-life tweaks to its flagship 7-series, including a remarkable new V8 petrol engine with 199g/km CO2 emissions.

BMW engineering sources have revealed to Autocar that the new V8 petrol engine will feature a cylinder dimming system to help improve economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our sources also revealed other powertrain additions to the revised 7-series range will be the new M-developed tri-turbo 376bhp, 545lb ft 3.0-litre straight-six diesel engine, although the 7-series will not get any M chassis or styling tweaks to go with it. An entry-level diesel with 159g/km CO2 emissions will also be offered.

The petrol-electric hybrid system from the 3-series and 5-series will also be offered in the 7-series, sources have revealed. This mates a 296bhp twin-turbocharged straight-six petrol engine with a 54bhp electric motor and eight-speed auto’ gearbox.

Styling changes to the new model will be minimal, as indicated by the light disguise of this mule in winter testing. Chief among the changes will be new LED ‘angel eye’ headlights and a new lower part of the front grille. At the rear, a new bumper features.

The 7-series’ chassis is also believed to have undergone an overhaul, according to our sources. Extensive damper tuning is understood to have been undertaken, to boost improve ride comfort and offer a more engaging drive when a revised ‘Sport’ mode is activated.

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ej03 29 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: BMW 7-series

Just like a Merc S Class, Audi A8, Merc E Class then...because all of them will be there picking people up to!

Overdrive 28 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: BMW 7-series

sorrel wrote:

this really does look like a larger 5, which itself looks mundane to me..

I hear that quite a bit, but I find the current 5 and 7 look quite different.

To my eyes that the 5 has a far more harmonious and handsome shape. For one thing, the 5's nose is way more elegant than the groundhog snout of the 7. Likewise, the 5's rear is more restrained than the 7's over-fussy and sizeable buttocks, not helped by its roided up rear lights and that metal strip just above them.

Having said that, I did see a 7 a few weeks back, all in pearl white and sports body kit, which I thought looked fairly tasty. Other than that particular example, the 7 new is a bit of a styling dud, the good car it otherwise is.

fflump 28 January 2012

Re: Spy pictures: BMW 7-series

The 7-series looks like something that would pick me up at the airport.