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Spirra supercar will go on sale this summer - nine years after concept shown

The Spirra supercar will be launched this summer - nine years after the original concept was unveiled.

The Spirra is the first South Korean built supercar. It is rear-drive, mid-engined and its body is made from carbonfibre, which encloses a spaceframe. No weight for the car has been released.

See the Spirra supercar pictures

It is powered by a Hyundai-sourced 2.7-litre petrol engine. It will be available in four configurations; the standard engine has 173bhp and 181lb ft of torque; alternatively it can be turbocharged to 325bhp and 347lb ft or 414bhp and 361lb ft; a twin turbo version offers 493bhp and 398lb ft.

It has a six-speed manual gearbox and the quickest version goes from 0-62mph in 3.5sec.

The Spirra has had a troubled birth. The initial concept was called the Proto Motors PS-II prototype. Proto Motors was then bought out by the Oullim Group and renamed Oullim Motors).

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Do It 25 July 2010

Re: South Korean supercar ready

memyselfandi wrote:

Woigookin wrote:
f course, not looking stupid is quite important to you. Also better to choose your words carefully rather than making a racist comment. Also, perhaps you shouldn't believe the racist stereotypes you see in silly movies. I can just imagine you consuming all the trash they gave you. A puppet looking at a movie full of puppets, how ironic.

Oh please, now your just taking everything out of context. My comment had no racist overtones to it and merely quoting a purile (but funny) film who's grip on reality is at best very loose.

The only racist comment to be made was by you suggesting that said quote;

1 would actually be made.

2 should relate to another country.

So now, not only did you look foolish by trying to correct my quoting a film which you have no clue about, but trying to justify your racist comments by passing them over to me... Oh dear.

Anyone got any popcorn?

puristan 25 July 2010

Re: South Korean supercar ready

Paul123 wrote:
But surely it's not a supercar ... and won't be priced like one, either?

Nissan's GTR is a 193mph, 485 hp saloon that is considered a "supercar unlike any other" priced at just 54000GBP.

This is a 194mph, 500hp mid-engined coupe that might as well be considered a "supercar just like any other", priced at 100,000GBP.

Not for sale in the U.K or U.S though. Needs more refinement at the Nurburgring. Would buy with a different engine.

What is a 276 hp, Camry-powered 2+2 Lotus? a supercar, or supercar-ish dingleberry?

mantaray 17 June 2010

Re: South Korean supercar ready

As we don't know the weight of the car, we don't know the power to weight ratio. But, with the twin turbo version, I would say this is definately supercar territory. And I think it's pretty!

The basic N/A version, while not strictly supercar, will undoubtably be quick, if it's light enough, and if nothing else, will handle well I suspect. If priced cheap enough, it will do very well too. Certainly a good basis for tuning...

beachland2 wrote:
which is why a 276bhp car can be a supercar, but a fwd 345bhp RS 500 focus can never be one.

Because a supercar isn't just about the power, it's about the looks