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New Roadster one of several new models Smart is considering after Mercedes/Renault tie-up
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23 July 2010

Mercedes’ recent tie-up with Renault is set to lead to the return of the Smart Roadster, along with further expansion of the brand.

A Smart source told Autocar that a new Roadster was just one of several future Smarts being discussed, as Mercedes plans to expand its city car brand by offering more models and greater economies of scale after gaining access to Renault’s small car platforms.

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“A new Roadster is one being discussed,” said our source. “The Renault merger could lead to several Smart spin-offs; Renault has small car expertise that we can benefit from.”

Our source said Smart hasn’t ruled out producing a larger model in the vein of the Mini Countryman, moving away from its city car roots.

“The Fortwo will always be the Smart core, but we’re looking into more products,” they said.

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At the time of the tie-up, Autocar uncovered plans for to Smart to launch a new Fortwo in 2012 using a rear-drive/rear-engine platform that will be lengthened for the Smart Forfour in 2014. The firm will also show a new electric scooter concept at the Paris motor show in September.

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23 July 2010

I really hope they do! I've had 3 roadster and they were all great fun! They just need to make it with out the added (and unwanted) feature of leaks

23 July 2010

Lets hope they do, and give it a proper gearbox this time.

Anyone know what happened to the plans to bring the original roadster back? Wasnt it going to be built in wales?

23 July 2010

About bloody time. Decent quality, a manual gearbox and less understeer (plus some decent looks), please... could be rebodied as the Mk2 Renault Wind.

23 July 2010

couldnt stop them leaking in water .......

23 July 2010

If done properly, and at a sensible price, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a success. There is a gap in the market for a small, two seater sportscar/roadster/coupe.

23 July 2010

Umm... what? How did you get from "it's one of several things being discussed" to "it's set to return"? That's like pointing at a woman you'd like to have sex with and referring to her as your girlfriend.

I'd love to see it come back, too, along with the oft-rumored Alpine Renault roadster, but I'm not holding my breath...

23 July 2010

Haha, that's me in the photo's driving the car down at Goodwood Hill.

If they can stick a manual box or a decent dual clutch box and get the price right, they'll shift a few. I remember that this was fun on tight twisty B roads, you rarely need to brake as the grip & handling was so good. I wasn't a fan of the 3 cylinder though & I don't recommend them for 6' 3"+ drivers. Happy days :)

23 July 2010

[quote AndyRAC]If done properly, and at a sensible price, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a success. There is a gap in the market for a small, two seater sportscar/roadster/coupe. [/quote]

Both Mercedes and Renault could do with a car as good as the Miata / MX5

25 July 2010

I'd love to see a new Roadster, always loved their quirkiness and simplicity. But what I don't quite understand is Smart suddenly wanting to expand again and "go further" than their city car roots. Last time this happened, they ended up cutting the range back to the Fortwo again - the Forfour, Roadster, and Formore (which was still in development) were all struck off. Which lead to Smart saying "we're focusing on the Fortwo". I've just got a feeling this could happen again. At the same time, I'd love to see them be a real success with more cars!

25 July 2010

Admired the theory behind the vehicle, read lost of good reviews, never driven one, but seen a few that don't wear well from daily use. Any owners out there care to add their enthusiasm or reservations?

If Smart should be doing anything surely its concentrating on creating one, two, and three seat (maximum) city vehicles, not competing with Fiat or Mini?

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