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Mercedes’ small car sub-brand Smart has become the latest manufacturer to sell cars online, with both the Fortwo and Forfour available in popular specs

Online sales of Smart cars have begun, with the German brand joining the ranks of other manufacturers selling their cars online.

Customers can buy a Smart from their computer, and have it delivered to their home or local dealer.

A £250 deposit reserves a car before credit checks are carried out and a full deposit must be paid, with parent company Mercedes claiming that customers can have their cars as soon as 12 days later.

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The online cars available are pre-configured, so customers cannot configure and buy their own car, but the choice of cars is based upon popular Prime-spec cars.

Customers can choose from a lower monthly payment, a standard offer or a lower deposit.

PCP deals start from £119 per month for the first option, with customers paying a deposit of £2213.18.

The second option raises monthly payments to £139, with a deposit of £1323.88. The lowest deposit option is a £399 deposit, and higher monthly payments of £159.80.

However, this online retail model means buyers can no longer haggle, as is traditionally done at local dealerships. However, at the moment, the site only caters for PCP buyers.

BMW started its online ordering system in 2015, while Hyundai launched its equivalent only this week. Jaguar's digital store was introduced in mid-2016. 

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