The Audi A2 is to grow from a supermini to a Golf-sized hatchback and will sit on the VW Group's MQB platform
12 June 2012

Audi has radically altered the execution of its second-generation A2, shifting it up from the supermini class to turn it into a Golf-sized hatch.

Previewed in what Audi boss Rupert Stadler described as “near to production-ready form” at last year’s Frankfurt show, the new high-roof hatchback is set to grow beyond the 3.8m-long supermini concept to a Volkswagen Golf-sized 4.1m. 

As a result, it will sit on a bigger version of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform to that originally envisaged, according to well placed sources at the company’s Ingolstadt headquarters. 

Insiders also suggest that the production version of the A2, due out in 2014, has grown around 60mm taller, extending beyond the 1490mm of the concept to around 1550mm.

The change comes after criticism of the concept in styling clinics, with potential customers suggesting it did not provide sufficient load-carrying capacity. “There is a difference in what our engineers had envisaged and what customers consider important in everyday use,” Autocar was told. 

Audi won’t comment on speculation that the A2 will share its underpinnings with the upcoming Q2, but given that they both share the same basic dimensions, such a move can’t be ruled out.

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12 June 2012

Loved the first one, mainly because of the fact it was a good example of using light weight materials just as cars were becoming bloated.   

Keep seeing 10 year old ones and they still look fresh both in design and condition. Those factors keep secondhand prices sky high.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

12 June 2012

Er... You're reporting a change in strategy for a car numerous outlets--including Audi themselves--claim is either dead or was never a production intent vehicle to begin with...?


13 June 2012

What made the previous A2 different was that it was, well, different! This is just a modern Golf Plus with an Audi badge... Undoubtedly the VW variant, of which there is sure to be one, will be better value for money...

Kind regards

Jonathon Oliver - @PrimaryFS

13 June 2012

Given the A3 is already "Golf sized", what is the point of the A2?

13 June 2012

The market has already proved that people carriers + executive brands don't mix - you can't look cool in a people carrier, so the posh badge wont help. In fact it's the entire reason for small 4x4 sales - if you want to take the kids to school you need a Q3 or Q5. The only other reason for the car is the higher roofline to help old people get in and out, again not becoming of a premium badge - see the terrible sales of the BMW 5 GT or the Golf Plus.

13 June 2012

I thought the whole point of the A2 was that it offered much more space inside than you would expect from a car with this footprint size. Making it bigger on the outside is a silly move and will surely eat into A3 sales?

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20 June 2012

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17 June 2012

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