New model is expected to be powered by E250 CDI's 201bhp unit
16 December 2009

The current Mercedes S-class will receive an eco boost with the arrival of a four-cylinder diesel version next year.

Called the 300 CDI, the new model is expected to be powered by the E250 CDI’s 201bhp turbodiesel, pushing out 384lb ft of torque.

Mercedes' R&D boss Thomas Weber admitted that downsizing the S-class diesel was an engineering challenge.

"The issue is NVH [noise, vibration and harshness]," he said. "Getting refinement to S-class levels was difficult and we had to change engine mounts and add body stiffness".

Chas Hallett

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16 December 2009

I think this is fantastic. That engine's had good reviews in other models and despite being a four cylinder it's certainly not underpowered. I guess this is the start of Mercedes' engine downsizing programme; I hope it works out for them.

16 December 2009

Definitely, if it is quiet & refined enough then 200bhp is more than adequate for a big car unless you want to drive it like a tool. Cars are needlessly overpowered these days- I borrowed my mums 2003 55bhp 1.2 Polo the other day & it was as fast as anyone could need, really, unless they want to race other cars from the lights, which 95% of people dont want to. The people that do want to go faster can buy the versions with the bigger engines. Congratulations Mercedes for realising most S-Class owners just want adequate performance, theyre not going to be bothered about racing Subarus down duel carriageways.

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

16 December 2009

Rejoice, Rejoice....Cabbies and Rental Firms everywhere, go back to your constituencys and prepare for fare paying customers!

Hybrids or V8/10/12`s petrols please for a plutocrats barge...

S-class isnt an economy model is it?

Put fuel on company expenses!

16 December 2009

[quote roverfan1984]I borrowed my mums 2003 55bhp 1.2 Polo the other day & it was as fast as anyone could need[/quote]

Imagine being behind a most smelly rubbish lorry, full of used tuna tins and babies nappies. All the cars in front of you so far have pulled out and overtaken. Then the queue gets to you, you cant overtake, the lorry is faster than you are and your stuck in the smell zone, now the other cars behind you cant overtake because you have added another 30ft to the obstacle including the gaps. So by choosing a 55bhp polo your mother has agitated most future car drivers who happen to follow her. Only she wont be alone of course there will be other 55bhp 5 seat medium size passenger cars out there also.

We can't blame the rubbish lorry for this eventuality, it is doing an essential job, but what we can do, with the will, and the passion, is to ban cars with around 55bhp (if they weigh over 800kgs). Nothing wrong with low powered small light cars. The 1.2 polo 2003 is about 1040kgs.

16 December 2009

I completely agree that overtaking power is important but youd be amazed how nippy it was! I wasnt expecting it to be as quick as it was! It certainly didnt feel like 55bhp. I had the misfortune a few years ago to have a company car, a 1.0 Corsa semi-automatic (last shape, 2004) which realistically couldnt overtake a bicycle, it was dangerously slow. But my mums Polo seemed much faster than that.

Maybe shes had it tuned/chipped without telling me lol =D

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

16 December 2009

a corsa 1.0 semi-auto? sounds terrible. shame on the company.

that 1.0 was more powerful than the 1.2 polo, and was also considerably lighter than the polo. But that auto system kills acelleration.

16 December 2009

i had the 1.2iibiza- same engine- 10 more bhp- i agree about power

its the 3 cylinder config that makes this engine seem so responsive, the way it delivers its mid range torque, and the sound of the 3 cylinder engine that makes it seem so responsive- and- this is the engine type the mercedes and bmw are looking at to downsize from 4 cyl engines!!!

i currently have a fiat 500 1.2- it never feels short of power generally!

16 December 2009

I remember suggesting this as an idea a while ago as a number of S-Classes aren't used as the trans-European luxury expresses they are designed for, rather a number of them operate exclusively in cities. Makes huge sense, just go for the badge delete option.

16 December 2009

Brave but sensible move for Merc. Makes the S-Class and its ilk more socially acceptable. Be interesting to see if Audi brings the new A8 out with the rumoured 4 cylinder diesel that Autocar reported on last week, and which Rupert Stadler confirmed he'd driven...


16 December 2009

Does this mean Mercedes-Benz will be ditching the S63 AMG and S65 AMG models from their range - or the S600 for that matter? Having a 300CDI four-cylinder in the same line up as these mega-engined models is a bit of a contradiction. If Mercedes-Benz wanted to be more "eco" surely they would drop the big-engined models.

I rather think the most popular option on the 300CDI will be the "deletion of model designation" option.


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