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Bespoke Rolls-Royce shows off personalisation options by honouring Sir Malcolm Campbell's 1937 water speed record, with just 35 examples to be made

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeed Collection has been revealed in celebration of the water speed record success of Sir Malcolm Campbell.

The new model, which was shown to potential customers on the site of the original Bluebird motor company in London, is designed to show off the range of bespoke options from which Rolls-Royce owners can choose to personalise their cars. The model was first previewed with a series of official design sketches earlier this year. Just 35 examples of the car will be made, each costing £435,000.

The car is finished in special blue paint inspired by the Bluebird's colour scheme, with the effect also extending to the car's engine and the 11-spoke alloy wheels. A Bluebird motif also appears on the exterior, while the Phantom Drophead Coupé's teak decking has been replaced by brushed steel.

Inside, grey leather adorns much of the cabin, with the Bluebird motif embossed on the centre armrest. Special Abachi wood also features, while the standard car's power dials are swapped for Bluebird-inspired graphics. The look also extends to the steering wheel, which features blue accents alongside black leather.

The Waterspeed car keeps the Drophead Coupé's 6.75-litre V12 engine for power, with 453bhp available alongside 531lb ft of torque. The standard car is capable of hitting 60mph in 5.6 seconds and reaching a top speed of 150mph.

The collection is inspired by Sir Malcolm Campbell's water speed record run in September 1937. During the run, Campbell's Bluebird K3 hydroplane boat hit a new record of 129.5mph. Power for the boat came from a Rolls-Royce engine.

Following its debut, the car will be taken to the shores of Lake Como in Italy, near to the site on neighbouring Lake Maggiore where Campbell set his world record.

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pauld101 14 May 2014


Didn't Malcolm Campbell's K3 and K4 boats have Rolls-Royce 'R' engines, whereas these cars have a German-built BMW V12? Can't exactly see what there is to celebrate. Such a shame.
scotty5 13 May 2014


Will Rolls be giving one of those 35 examples to NCAP? I may be wrong but the Phantom doesn't appear to have a NCAP rating - a slight worry given that Campbell died in a crash attempting a new record.
Leslie Brook 13 May 2014


Unless the test cars are sponsored by the manufacturer, I believe Euro NCAP have to pay for the cars they crash. I guess they can't afford a Rolls. Rolls themselves probably use computer modelling to "test" the crash worthiness.

By the way, it was Donald Campbell who died in the crash, Malcolm Campbell died of natural causes (a stroke).

Leslie Brook 13 May 2014

Darren Moss wrote:Following

Darren Moss wrote:

Following its debut, the car will be taken to the shores of Lake Como in Italy, near to the site where Campbell set his world record.

Someone needs to tell Rolls Royce this, according to the plaque on the glove box lid it was Lake Maggiore