Volkswagen's most powerful Passat, the R36, is now on sale in the UK
29 April 2008

The most powerful Volkswagen Passat ever produced has now gone on sale in the UK. Available in both saloon and estate bodystyles, the Passat R36 comes equipped with a naturally aspirated, 3.6-litre V6 engine that develops 296bhp and 258lb ft of torque.

Drive for the high-performance VW is channelled through a six-speed DSG gearbox; the 4motion four-wheel drive system diverts torque to either axle depending on the grip available.

VW is claiming a 0-62mph sprint time of 5.6sec for the Passat, which can continue to a restricted top speed of 155mph.

Styling tweaks, both inside and out, differentiate the R36 from its tame stablemates. It gets 18-inch alloy wheels with Volkswagen ‘R’ blue brake callpers and a lowered ride height (20mm to be exact). Other new styling cues include a new front bumper with three deep airdams and a chrome grille section featuring the R36 badge and bi-xenon headlamps.

At the rear the Passat is fitted with twin tailpipes, a subtle lip spoiler and yet another R36 badge.

Inside, drivers will find sports seats and a sporty steering wheel, which houses the paddle shifters for the DSG ‘box. VW has gone mad with the ‘R’ treatment though; R nomenclature sits on on everything from the recalibrated dials and sill plates to the the aluminium highlights on the dashboard.

Prices for new Passat R36 start at £30,990 for the saloon and £32,150 for the estate model.

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29 April 2008

Why would anybody want one? A big, dynamically stodgy, thirsty and boring saloon.....utterly pointless.

29 April 2008

The last Passat model costing upwards of £30k was the old W8 model in 2001. It was one of the fastest depreciating cars on sale in the uk! This may fare slightly better as it is a 'sporty' model but it is still very overpriced. Consider that a BMW 330i starts at £29,950 and even the mighty 335i starts at £31,660. The Passat R36 is out of its depth in this company - it only has a part-time (haldex) 4 wheel drive system due to its transversely mounted engine so will essentially drive like a FWD car.

29 April 2008

The ultimate Q-car, think it's one of those machines designed to take those around who genuinley appreciate subtle performance. I'd be tempted to remove all "R" badges to camoflouge the car even more.


29 April 2008

I ususally find that every car will find an owner or group of owners that will take up and enjoy a car whatever I may or may not think of it, so ususlly refrain from pointless slagging off of a motor (Toyota Prius a worthy exception) just because I don't like it (especially if I've never driven one), but, <yawn> yet another VW/Audi clone car.


29 April 2008

Like the W8 it will sell in tiny numbers in the UK, it might make more sense to get an R36 version of the Passat CC into the the market, at least it has a body which matches the performance

29 April 2008

Like the W8 it will sell in tiny numbers in the UK, it might make more sense to get an R36 version of the Passat CC into the the market, at least it has looks to matche the performance

29 April 2008

A few years ago I was in the market for a secondhand Passat estate and for no extra cost over a 2 litre bought the original two wheel drive VR6. Most disappointing car I have ever owned, with the top end performance advantage only of any use on the autobanh and a strange chassis setup that offered no encouragement to use the extra grip and braking available.

Will this R36 will offer a perspective owner any more? Perhaps the police could use them as patrol cars.

29 April 2008

I was wondering when this car was going to appear. they seem to have had it in developement for ages. I drive a passat estate diesel, and they have to do something to the drive to make it worth it. But personally, i'd buy something else with that amount of cash

ps Nice wheels though

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