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Hyundai's M3 leaked early; UK could get limited numbers of the powerful rear drive coupé
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17 March 2008

These are official pictures of the new Hyundai Genesis Coupé, leaked onto the internet ahead of the car's official debut at the New York show later this week.The concept's stand-out looks have remained mostly intact, keeping the distinct bonnet lines, raked back headlights and dipped window line. The unofficial online debut arrives at the same time as news that the rear-wheel-drive Genesis Coupé could still come to the UK in right-hand drive, despite predictions that European crash legislation would make it impossible to sell here. “We wanted the car, and so did some other right-hand drive markets, but pedestrian impact regulations and demands for pop-up bonnets put the kybosh on the idea,” said a Hyundai UK source. However, the new car could be sold in limited quantities - around 500 examples - under Single Vehicle Approval, which allows small numbers of a particular model to enter the UK without the need to meet full type approval. No decision has been taken, but Hyundai’s UK operation is keen to bring the car here. Developed primarily for the Korean and US markets, the Genesis Coupé would act as a range-topping model for Hyundai, providing a significantly more powerful and cheaper rival for cars such as the Audi TT. The two-door is closely based on Hyundai’s new Genesis saloon; all rear-drive Hyundais will be called Genesis. It shares the saloon’s platform, engines and gearboxes, and its unusual all-round multi-link suspension. The car is being launched with two engine options: a 3.8-litre V6 with 310bhp and 263lb ft, or a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo with 210bhp and 217lb ft. They will be joined by the 375bhp 4.6-litre V8 from the Genesis later this year. The V6 has a top speed of 150mph and will hit 60mph in what Hyundai claims as “under six seconds;” expect the actual time to be around 5.4sec. All cars come with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, with the option of a five-speed automatic on the 2.0 turbo and a six-speed auto on the V6. The back axle has a limited-slip differential.

Dan Stevens

Come back to on Wednesday 19 March for official news and pictures of the new Hyundai Genesis Coupé live from the New York show.

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Landy 18 March 2008

Re: Revealed: Hyundai Genesis Coupé

I loved the concept and now it's here i still think it's a great looking car, apart from i'm worried about the front, I think it looks a bit lightweight compared to the rest of the car, side on view shows what I mean best. Some other sites with all the launch photos really do give you a better idea of the look of this motor. I personally cannot wait to see it in the metal, but am gutted to read that it looks like it will not be sold here in the UK! :(

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wolseley 17 March 2008

Re: Revealed: Hyundai Genesis Coupé

Ew... I'm not sure about this. It's bland everywhere, except that Picasso/Meriva dip in the window graphic. That detail, combined with the sculpted line from the rear not lining up with the sculpted line from the front, makes it look a bit cut & shut. The only eye-pleasing detail is the little droop in the lights, back and front, flowing with the bumper and creating a bit of tension. That "distinctive" (I'm being kind) window line looks a bit of an afterthought. On the other hand, certain US websites have lots of positive comments, and that's where it's been designed to sell in large numbers.