Renault has built a commercial vehicle version of its Twizy electric car
25 June 2013

A new version of the Renault Twizy, called the Cargo, has been launched. 

Although the latest Twizy has retained the same eye-catching looks as its predecessors, what makes it unique is its relatively large boot capacity, as the rear tandem seat has been replaced with a load area which can be accessed from outside with a lockable door. 

The new boot has a capacity of 180 litres, which can take a maximum of load of 75kg. A range of 50 miles between charges makes the car ideal for callout or small-scale businesses, says Renault. Charging takes three and a half hours to full from a standard three-pin plug.

A key aspect of the latest concept is its reclaimable VAT, due to it being a car-derived van. At a cost of £6241 excluding VAT, it is £650 cheaper than a standard Twizy. The VAT on battery hire can also be reclaimed, which means that battery hire costs from £36 per month. 

The Twizy Cargo will also be exempt from the London congestion charge, so overall the perks of the Twizy could save companies hundreds of pounds per year. 

With only 17 horsepower at its disposal, however, cities such as London are likely to remain the home for these cars — especially with its top speed of 56mph.

Will Palmer

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Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy is surprisingly good fun with an endearing character, even though it has obvious flaws

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25 June 2013

Has Renault actually found a viable use for their Twizy?? ...

I can see the next-to-useless 'doors' carrying advertising ...

25 June 2013

A useful, small electric car.


I'm a disillusioned former Citroëniste.

25 June 2013

I would imagine a booted version, giving up the rather useless rear seat would appeal to non business users too, afterall, its nice to be able to leave something in your car, locked securely, from time to time, and i dont think there is anywhere else in a Twizy.

I still think the Twizy makes the most sense of all the Renault Electric cars, but its way too expensive

25 June 2013

What an indescribable device. Seems like desperation on the part of Renault. The push barrows postmen use nowadays are of greater utility.

25 June 2013

I dont see why they dont just put proper doors on it and make it a properly usable car where the driver doesnt get cold and wet. Surely when developing this car someone must have pointed this out since we have more rain than sun here. 

25 June 2013

This really would be for small businesses. If there's a courier company out there that delivers atoms then it could make an ideal delivery vehicle.

Can your GP prescribe anything for range anxiety?


25 June 2013

Fully agree this is more a fair weather device. But look at it as a road capable mobility scooter... Just great for Bournemouth on a sunny day!

Now if Renault fitted a motorbike engine this would become the in- thing for rich school kids ...

25 June 2013

Pizza boys rejoice!

25 June 2013

Wouldn't a horse & cart be more convenient for a commercial delivery service?

30 June 2013

Its nice to be able to leave something in your car, locked securely, from time to time

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