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Uk will only get electric versions of Fluence saloon
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12 April 2010

The Renault Fluence saloon will only be sold in the UK as an electric car.

"Petrol and diesel modeks will be developed, but the market for a compact four-door saloon in the UK is so small as to make it unfeasible for the UK," said renault's electric car boss Andy Heiron.

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The standard Renault Fluence is set to be built in Turkey, where the Megane saloon was previously made, and go on sale on Turkey, Russia and Romania only.

An electric version of the Fluence will be trialled in Israel as part of a tie-in with Project Better Place, which is developing electric car charging systems.

If the tests are successful, the Fluence electric car is expected to go on sale in Europe in 2011.

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12 April 2010

The petrol Fluence is already on sale here in Israel and can be seen on the streets.

Very plain and looks low and long in real life. No very stylish or attractive. Sales so far have been to fleets of company cars. The same target group for the electric version , when it becomes available.

12 April 2010

[quote Autocar]The Renault Fluence saloon will only be sold in the UK as an electric car[/quote]

What a pity. Best bit of styling they've done for ages.

12 April 2010

On sale in Ireland in 2 days time. 3 models, all diesels. Electric version later in the year.

12 April 2010

The car they're going to sell looks pretty much like a Megane saloon , doesn't have the style of the car Autocar has been showing us.

13 April 2010

This is a welcome change in style from Renault after the bland Megane,ugly Laguna and the ruined Clio.will it drive as well as it looks though.

15 April 2010

The Samsung SM3 version for Korea has a nicer grill treatment than the production Renault version.

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