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June 2010 launch to co-incide with Range Rover's 40th anniversary

The final production version of the Range Rover LRX could be unveiled on 17 June next year, according to Land Rover sources.

The premium compact SUV will finally be given the go-ahead for production by the end of the year, insiders have told Autocar. Production would probably begin in early 2011.

The June date is being considered because it will mark exactly 40 years since the original Range Rover was first revealed to the public.

The LRX would be positioned as the new, more environmentally friendly face of Range Rover as part of the brand’s 40th anniversary.

It’s expected that the styling of the final version of the LRX will differ from the concept. The car will also have the option of a hybrid drivetrain, which could be standard on more expensive versions.

The LRX is based on the same basic transverse engine platform as the Freelander and will be built at that model’s home, the Halewood factory on Merseyside.

The hybrid version of the LRX will probably use an electrically driven rear axle, which will work in combination with the engine-driven front wheels.

The LRX will arrive at a time when most industry analysts expect new car buyers in western Europe to embrace the concept of downsizing, with upmarket vehicles in the Golf class (B segment) becoming particularly popular.

As part of this, sales of the largest SUVs are expected to be hit hard in the EU, although they will remain popular in the Middle East and other developing markets.

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philcUK 28 August 2009

Re: Range Rover LRX's 2010 launch

until the launch of the 5 range the Audi product line has always been quite clearly defined so i'm not sure what comparison you are trying to make historically there as far as 'getting away with it' is concerned.

val. 27 August 2009

Re: Range Rover LRX's 2010 launch

philcUK wrote:

That's kind of the point - JLR aren't making any money and the only component in that equation that is doing any kind of good business is Jaguar.

Making your product line too confusing and overlapping is never a good move historically regardless of the product you are selling.

Audi seem to get away with it.
Jaydub 26 August 2009

Re: Range Rover LRX's 2010 launch

From what I have seen of the prototypes, it will be worth the wait although it is frustrating that time is ticking by.

Glad that 3dr and 5dr versions are gong ahead now.