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More practical alternative to the 911 could be revealed as early as next year
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25 April 2019

Porsche is understood to be developing two-door coupé and cabrio versions of the Panamera designed to rival the BMW 8 Series and Aston Martin Vantage

According to reports, which senior figures at the firm have not denied, Porsche is developing the two variants of its grand tourer for a planned unveiling next year. The cars are designed to offer enhanced practicality and space over the 911 but still be considered as 2+2s rather than outright four-seaters. 

Asked about the possibility of such cars, Porsche design boss Michael Mauer, who designed the original Panamera, said: “As a designer there are no limits to what I can conceive. I believe it is the design department’s role to sketch and consider every model it can for the future so that we are ready should anyone wish to pursue a project. 

“But if you are asking me to confirm if such projects are on the way then you are going to be disappointed. It is not my role to consider such things.” 

Reports in German media suggest plans for the cars are already well advanced and speculate that they will sit on shortened versions of the Panamera’s MSB platform. Were a version of the 2015 Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 concept to be given the go-ahead (unlikely, given recent reports), it is possible that this too could use the platform, bringing a further economy of scale. 

There is also a suggestion the cars will not carry the Panamera name, to fit a sportier, less practical end of the market. But powertrain options are expected to be taken from the Panamera range and include a plug-in hybrid option, given the need to reduce overall fleet emissions and the fact that more than half of European Panamera buyers opt for that set-up at present.

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25 April 2019

WOW!   If they haven't gone and put the motor where the boot should be, I'll be a buyer

25 April 2019

At last. The replacement for the much loved 928!

25 April 2019

A 2-door coupe? What a fresh concept! So tired of hearing every style of vehicle that’s not a coupe being turned into a less practical “coupe” version.

I do like the idea of a 928 successor. Make it a shooting brake and I’m sold!

25 April 2019

 Much as I am fan of your Cars, this Panamera makes the 8 series look like an armoured Car.

25 April 2019

But not sure what role cars like this have in our real future. We'll be reported to the police if we over-ride the speed limiter for a start so i. 8th gear it'll be plodding along at about 2000 revs. I remember screeching past an unmarked police car at about 130 on the M5 around 0ne am of a summer morning. Huge brake down to 70. Inevitable chat followed. Officer admired the car - it was lime green - and admitted he'd not got an actual speed. So we agreed on 95 which in those days got you points but not a ban. Happy days we won't see again. Now I'd probably be banged-up!

25 April 2019

Isn't the Panamera already a more practical alternative to the 911?

25 April 2019
Turinbrakes wrote:

Isn't the Panamera already a more practical alternative to the 911?

Yes, and this is a less practical alternative to the Panamera, but they can't say that!

Unless Porsche really mess it up, it should look very good indeed.  A convertible version would also be nice, if unlikely.

25 April 2019

I think that that for all their troubles and misdeeds, the people at VAG are extremely creative and innovative, as this concept indicates. The two I’d like to see are a really, really modern evolution of the Beetle, as a range of new vehicles and a really, really modern evolution of the the Porsche 356 as the sub-Boxter entry model.

Otherwise, they have everything in place.

25 April 2019

Not a chance:  Porsche have looked at this not very long ago and decided the numbers didn't work.  Moreover, the company already has a problem with the latest 718 Boxster, as the flat-four turbo engine is disliked by many, particularly those who own a flat-six NA 981 model.  The flat-four engine is very powerful, but sounds horrible in comparison to the turbine-like smoothness of the flat-six.  Owners of the latter (including me) are holding on to their cars and secondhand values are very firm.  Meanwhile, the 718 is proving a difficult sell.  I intend to skip the 718 and wait for the next generation, in the hope that the electric model might be brilliant.

25 April 2019

I've tried a 718 and the basic is probably at least as fast in the real-world as my last-model 6cyl S but not for me. I didn't like the steering let alone the noise as much as my own car. And as you say values are very firm.


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