New Turbo S: quicker than a Turbo, but no more thirsty
21 April 2008

The car that, for many, represents the unacceptable face of the 4x4 just got more powerful, more expensive, and arguably even more risky to run. This is the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, just unveiled at the Beijing motor show. With a headline-making 542bhp to call upon, it’s capable of cracking 62mph in under five seconds and going on to a maximum 174mph – incredible figures for any two-and-a-half tonne SUV.Its unveiling at the Beijing auto show, says Porsche, is a response to the strong local demand in “the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Asia for exclusive sports-style SUVs with top quality physical handling dynamics.” But it also comes as tacit confirmation from Porsche that, in these increasingly emissions-sensitive times, you have to choose the launchpad for a car like this very carefully indeed.After all, other parts of the global car market may not welcome such a thirsty, heavy 4x4 as readily as one where they still build hundreds of coal fuel power stations every year.

More power, more speed, better brakes…

The last Cayenne Turbo S had a piffling 514bhp; this one trumps even a 911 GT2 for power, and gets 37 extra pounds feet of torque than the current Cayenne Turbo too, with 553lb ft of the stuff between 2250- and 4500rpm. Porsche has turned to a modified exhaust system and ECU to produce that extra shove. Officially, the car hits 62mph in just 4.8sec. Weissach has yet to announce a 0-100mph figure, but expect it to be in the region of 12.0sec.The firm’s PASM active air suspension should keep this enormously powerful SUV pinned to the tarmac at speed, while its 21in alloy wheels, quad tailpipes, body-coloured wheelarches and body-coloured air intake grilles set it apart from a standard Turbo.As of the 2009 model year, the Cayenne Turbo S will also be available with PCCB carbon ceramic brake discs – provided you opt for a wheel size of at least 20in. These stoppers measure 410mm at the front and 370mm at the rear and, being more resistant to fade than an iron brake disc, should make this car stop as urgently as it goes.

Matt Saunders

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Porsche Cayenne

Even those who don't love the Porsche Cayenne should be impressed by its dynamic ability

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21 April 2008

I can only imagine Porsche have done this to try and and compete with the Mercedes ML63AMG which has a 0-60 MPH of 4.6 seconds which currently on the Porsche turbo is about half a second slower than the Mercedes,but who's counting?

21 April 2008

I'd have one of those and an RS6 for good measure. Lovely, lovely.

21 April 2008

If the Cayenne did 542mpg in addition to the 542bhp I still wouldn't buy one! Porsche wax lyrical about their design sophistication but there's little evidence evident in their car range. And the Cayenne is just bloody awful to look at even if it does go like the clappers.

21 April 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and charm goes an awful long way. I have personal experience of this as I am very ugly and still persuaded someone to marry me !

21 April 2008

All I can say is "Good on ya Porsche". Stick one in the eye for the environmentalists. Let Toyota/Ford/Honda etc etc build cars to save the planet, let Porsche build Porsches. I was horrified to see a Diesel Cayenne in testing and a Hybird too! If it can lap the Nordschleifer in under 8 minutes, that'd be half acceptable.

22 April 2008

Well done porsche. I like the the Porsche Cayenne 'two finger salute to Ken Livingstone' Turbo S and have started saving right now.

23 April 2008

[quote March1981]

let Porsche build Porsches


or in the case of the Cayenne, let Porsche rebadge VW Touaregs

23 April 2008

Why do you single out Ken Livingstone? This 'car' is also a two fingered salute to every parent and child in the developing world - those who actually have to pay with their quality of life for the choices of over-priviledged oiks driving such pathetic displays of insecurity.

What on earth is likeable or original about this vehicle? The philosophy is pure trash - more bling, more power, more weight, more cost, less sense, less viability, less useable, less useful.

Whatever happened to intelligent design - I don't doubt that it is an absolute riot to drive, but this car is one of the least original I have ever seen. Can't they make something that's good to drive and clever as well?

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