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Sports cars to be renamed as 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman as part of a facelift that brings flat-four turbocharged engines

The Porsche Boxster and Cayman have been renamed as 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman respectively, with both models also receiving turbocharged flat-four engines as part of a substantial facelift.

The new names for Porsche's two-door, mid-engined sports cars reference the series of 718 racing cars built between 1957 and 1962.

Porsche will introduce the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman "over the course of 2016".

And the roadster will be positioned at a higher price level than the coupé, as is the case for the larger Porsche 911.

"The 718 model series is a continuation of the proven four-cylinder concept and the history of distinguished Porsche sports cars," said a statement from Porsche.

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Porsche already uses a turbocharged 2.0-litre V4 engine in its successful 919 Hybrid Le Mans racer.

In the 718 Boxster, a 2.0-litre engine is tipped to be offered in two different power outputs: 261bhp in the base car and 311bhp in the S model, with torque outputs for the pair rated at 258lb ft and 295lb ft respectively. Expect the regular 718 Boxster to have a 0-62mph time of around five and a half seconds, and the S to dip below five seconds

Porsche has traditionally given the Cayman more power, but with the positioning of the 718 Boxster above it, it is not clear if this trend will continue.

Six-cylinder engines are set to be the preserve of more powerful range-topping versions of the two sports cars, including GTS versions and any future 718 Cayman GT4 or 718 Boxster Spyder. 

The four-cylinder engines will also reduce the kerb weight of the two sports cars, in turn improving the economy (which is the main reason for the adoption of the new engines) and the handling. 

Interestingly, the confirmation of the flat four engine for the 718 Boxster and Cayman stated that "the 919 Hybrid has opened up the prospects for the performance potential of future sports car engines from Porsche", hinting that hybridisation could be part of the future plan for the new road car engine, too.

A hybrid 911 is planned as part of the next-generation line-up, but when discussing the four-cylinder engine in the past Porsche has always distanced the engine from the 911. 

Ex-Porsche chairman Matthias Müller, who now leads the entire Volkswagen Group, has also previously said the new four-cylinder engine is modular, and that it will be offered in capacities up to 2.5 litres, with a power output of 395bhp expected in the most powerful versions.

The facelifts for the two sports cars will bring with them styling and interior changes, as well as chassis and suspension tweaks. 

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Sporky McGuffin 12 December 2015

I, for one, greatly look

I, for one, greatly look forward to the imminent diesel 911.
Cyborg 10 December 2015


Ummm...I'm coming around to the idea of a 4 pot Cayman/Boxster, I just hope the GTS versions will indeed retain flat-sixes like what was implied above. But I doubt it, it doesn't make much sense anymore. As a normally aspirated flat-six flagship will have less torque than the turbo 4s. As such the GTS versions of these face-lifted models will either have a 2 litre with larger turbos for more power and torque (like the latest 911-911S) or a 2.5 litre turbo 4 as mentioned above. The six-pot Cayman/Boxster I think are dead!
LP in Brighton 11 December 2015


Fear not. According to the article "Six-cylinder engines are set to be the preserve of more powerful range-topping versions of the two sports cars, including GTS versions and any future 718 Cayman GT4 or 718 Boxster Spyder." It doesn't say whether these will be normally aspirated or turbocharged though.
david RS 10 December 2015

Not at all interested by 4

Not at all interested by 4 pots turbo...
RIP flat 6.