High-res pics as Porsche takes on Jaguar in this week's Autocar twin test
23 September 2009

This week's Autocar magazine pits the Porsche Panamera S against the Jaguar XFR - and these are the best pictures from the showdown.

On list price the two cars appear unlikely bedfellows - the Porsche costs £72,266, the Jaguar £59,900.

See the Panamera v XFR picture gallery

However, both have similar hardware: V8 engines, near five-metre length and the aim of seating four people in comfort.

The battleground is the roads to and around mid-Wales, ensuring the cars are tested on everything from motorway to fast, flowing A-roads and the most twisting country lanes.

The location also provides the perfect backdrop for some stunning photography, which you can see by following the links above.

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23 September 2009

I have been driven in a Panamera Turbo recently (don t ask me how come) and I must say that it is mighty impressive. The interior is top notch, the performance is mindblowing and you do feel (at least as a passenger) a lot of input on your arse - a very comunicative car. So if you do not go on a track and need such a car (4 doors) it makes a lot of sense - a real swiss army knife.

23 September 2009

The Panamera is mighty ugly you would be nuts to buy one, even if I was given one as a company car I would begrudge paying the tax on such a nail. The lights need sorting on the XF by flutting the bonnet to curve in to two round ish lights , I believe this will be done two yrs time at mid life.


23 September 2009

I'm aware that the Panamera is consistently described as ugly, but, certainly in black, and from the front, I prefer it's powerful styling to the XF. From the side, I think the XF fails to have a unique signature, whereas the Porsche is growing on me. At least the Panamera looks unique, bullet-like and purposeful from the side. However, I love the XF's rear windscreen, and have no problem with it's allegedly controversial rump.

Porsches often appear ugly on first acquaintance, and appreciate to different degrees with age. I am even starting to change my view of the Cayenne, and sometimes wonder whether people are still calling it ugly just because everyone else does. However, I'm going to need another year or so to grow to love the Panamera's behind.

I suspect that this comparison (an excellent idea) will show the XF in a favourable light, partly because it will do the bread-and-butter driving better than the Panamera.

I hope they drive the cars in town too - although, judging by their editorial, motoring journalists seem convinced that average drivers spend much of their time driving on the limit on Welsh roads. The truth is that town driving is the most common scenario - you will see far more supercars in London than on the open road. Gentlemen - it is long past time to pretend it is other than this - yes, we want to know what these cars are like on great driving roads, but even in my buying fantasies I'd like to know what a given car would be like where I drive (which is rural Yorkshire, but I still need to spend time in town when I go to work, so if I do, others certainly do).

23 September 2009

1 word to describe the Jaguar XFR:

- "Awesome"

2 words to describe the Porsche:

- "Overpiced"

- "Ugly"

23 September 2009

Cool pics; stunning location. Looks like the Elan Valley (Rhayader, Powys)? A useful little 'circuit', for sure.

23 September 2009

I would take the Porsche and an AMG E-class over both! ;-)


23 September 2009

Would take the Jag in a minute.

23 September 2009

I'd take the Jaguar every time - can't see the sense in paying £21,000 for extras that mostly come with the Jaguar or aren't really necessary. I thought I'd hate the looks of the Porsche but it looks better in this dark colour than I'd expected and the interior looks quite good too, apart from that dreadful dash / central console with all those buttons, you must spend more time trying to find the right one than actually looking at the road: the Jaguar's simplicity must win out every time and be the real way forward in car design. Congratulations on the great photographs, the scenery looks stunning and do the cars real credit. Thanks to all involved.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

23 September 2009

Next generation M5 is going to have to be really special to top these two....!

Peter Cavellini.

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