Currently reading: Peugeot Hypersquare steering wheel set for production in 2026
Firm says it will "take and evolve steering control" with Hypersquare technology that is currently being tested

Peugeot’s Hypersquare steering ‘wheel’ is on track to make production in 2026 after extensive clinics showed customers are ready for the step change in interior design and technology.

The Hypersquare is a rectangular-shaped ‘wheel’ that Peugeot previewed on its Inception concept car in 2023 as the next evolution of the i-Cockpit concept introduced a decade ago.

It will enter production alongside steer-by-wire technology, and the 2026 timing of its introduction, confirmed by CEO Linda Jackson, coincides with when Peugeot’s B-segment models – the 208 supermini and 2008 crossover – are due for replacement.

“The next stage for us is going to be Hypersquare,” said Jackson. “We’re going to take and evolve the steering control. We’ve moved from a beautiful, round, little steering wheel, into a very ‘tech’ arena, which is more based on a gaming-type idea.

“Not only do we think it’s technically superior, but it’s also linked to another technology in steer-by-wire, which is important as it enhances something that is absolutely fundamental for Peugeot: the pleasure of driving. It’s agile, flexible and offers easy agility, and that’s what we want to create.”

Jackson said the technology has already been installed in test vehicles and it has been trialled on “customers from across Europe”.

The new steering wheel and technology will liberate more cabin space and Jackson said customers “were shocked by how much space you free up” with the new arrangement.

The Hypersquare will be paired with Peugeot’s panoramic curved infotainment screen, a 21in display atop the dashboard, while customisable i-Toggle shortcut buttons will continue to be a feature of future Peugeot interiors.

More broadly, Jackson said Peugeot will continue to focus efforts and investments on improving interiors because its data shows that this is one of the major reasons for people purchasing its vehicles.

“We think it’s important as we spend so much time in our cars,” she said. “While we all love to have a car that looks beautiful, is it beautiful inside? Is it practical? Is it ergonomically designed around you? Does it give you the right infotainment? For me, the interior becomes more important than the exterior.”

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124spider 8 March 2024

Think wacko Jacko has lost the plot.  

Bob Cholmondeley 8 March 2024

Just what exactly, is wrong with round steering wheels?

jason_recliner 8 March 2024

The Quartic Logical Steering Device lives! (looks awesome thoigh)