Currently reading: No flat eight engines on future Porsche 911s
Former VW powertrains boss rules out flat eight engines for future 911 models, saying such units would be too large for the sports car

There's no chance of a future flat eight engine for the Porsche 911, despite the prospect having been seriously considered.

The flat six layout is effectively constrained at 4.0 litres because of issues with the size of components that would be needed for a larger-capacity version.

Heinz-Jakob Neusser, who was previously powertrain boss at the Volkswagen Group, said a flat eight would have to be 5.0 litres in capacity and was “probably too big”.

Neusser said: “We have been in the pre-development phase with an engine like this, but we never did it.”

He added that the future flat six Porsche engines would still be able to run to high revs. “Moving to turbocharging is not a problem; it will give us more freedom [in future engine design],” he said.

A facelifted version of the 911 is due to launch at the Frankfurt motor show later this year, and will come to market with a range of new engines ahead of the all-new model coming in 2018.

Among the changes scheduled for the facelift is the introduction of a new range of turbocharged six-cylinder, horizontally opposed engines to replace today's naturally aspirated units.

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GeToD 29 April 2015

May I suggest....

..... 2 VR4 engines, either in V (W) or "semi" flat congiguration. Why? you ask..... because :)
gigglebug 28 April 2015

Ruf's V8 engine?

Did this ever become a proper production unit, I've never read any form of review on it? It was claimed to be lighter than the flat six Porsche had at the time and was kicking out 500 bhp if my memory serves me correctly. They obviously got it fit ok so would seem strange that a flat 8 would be deemed to large?
madmac 28 April 2015

Various blogs have suggested

Various blogs have suggested that the new turbo engines will produce as much as 500HP in the 'S' version ,or maybe the "Powerkit" or GTS version,forcing the Twin Turbo and TT'S" current models to move higher up,say to 550 and 600 HP,with the help of a Hybrid system,so Peter is completely correct in his suggestion.It will be very interesting to see what they bring at Frankfurt,I may even go again,I was there in 2013.