Just 40 are coming to Europe, priced at £125k
3 December 2009

Nissan’s hardcore GT-R Spec V will go on sale in Europe.

The firm has confirmed that just 40 examples of the £124,900 sports car will be available across the continent. That's more than double the price of the standard car.

The main improvements, Nissan says, are improving the car’s ability to “brake later and harder, corner faster and accelerate sooner”.

A carbon-ceramic brake system jointly developed by Nissan and Brembo has been added to the GT-R. Other developments include revised springs and fixed-rate dampers, while a titanium exhaust system has also been added.

Power from its twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 engine remains unchanged at 478bhp, but torque has been boosted by 14lb ft to 448lb ft. Performance is enhanced by a new high gear boost control device, which improves boost from the turbos to provide greater in-gear acceleration.

Lightweight forged aluminium wheels feature, as does a carbonfibre rear spoiler, a carbonfibre grille and carbonfibre brake ducts. These changes shed 60kg off its 1775kg kerb weight.

The Spec V is strictly a two-seater, with the seats being Recaro carbonfibre-backed items trimmed with black leather. Carbonfibre trim also features on the rear Bose speakers and the instrument panel.

Vincent Wijnen, Nissan’s European vice-president for marketing, said: “For a very small number of sports car fanatics, the GT-R is not enough. They have to own the ultimate version and to cater for that desire, we will sell just 40 examples of Spec V in Europe.

“Its combination of lighter weight, more focused driving dynamics and exclusivity will guarantee the Spec V’s place as one of the most desirable cars anywhere in the world.”

The only example currently in Europe is on display at the firm’s Nurburgring showroom, while the only UK centre that will take orders for the car is on Merseyside. The order book on the car is now open, with the first deliveries starting in April.

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3 December 2009

"Vincent Wijnen, Nissan’s European vice-president for marketing, said: “For a very small number of sports car fanatics, the GT-R is not enough. They have to own the ultimate version and to cater for that desire, we will sell just 40 examples of Spec V in Europe."

Fanatics or not, is it really worth double the money of the standard car? I fear not but that fact didn't Porsche selling all of its 911 Carrera Classics!



It's all about the twisties........


3 December 2009

What a bargain for all that extra performance - exactly what the car needs as it's already so slow! Am I the only one who is getting fed up of seeing manufacturers launching ever-so-slightly tweaked models and charging tens of thousands of pounds more??? For Nissan to charge £124,900 for this car is just sheer greed on their part - the additional cost cannot realistically represent any value for money at all. Even for the exclusivity on offer. Anyone who buys one of these Spec V's over the already formidable standard car rather deserves to be ripped off... but it's their money so as long as they're happy...

3 December 2009

I am pretty sure that a set of ceramic brakes, some trim taken off, new springs and a new exhaust plus some bits of carbon fibrre did not cost £65k.

But then Honda and Mugen somehow spent £15k on giving the Type R 3 or 4 more horsepower ..... I know the £ is weak against the Yen, but my sense of humour is weaker.

3 December 2009

Overpriced?yes,makes it a little bit better?yes/no, can do better?YES!,anybody read last month's Topgear mag?, well in the story there Nissan said it was untunable because of the computer brain being cleverly encrpyted, well Nissan, guess what some American boffins have cracked it!, their getting 600bhp out of it already!, and with further computer bashing a 1000bhp might be possible, so Spec-V?,pah!, Nissan!, do what Ferrari did with the Enzo invite customers of your choosing to buy one!

Peter Cavellini.

3 December 2009

a 1000bhp GTR is not a V-spec. A 1 out of only 40 in the whole of Europe will forever be a collectors item.

But anyway it is for that certain owner buying into something more than substance.

Myself i would rather have 1 standard GTR and then another standard GTR completely stripped for track, then with the spare cash tune it up. Sell the bits i stripped out and then tune it even more.

3 December 2009

As an owner of a violently quick and (still) standard GT-R Black Edition, I can see the point of the Spec-V.

It is not designed to give you much more in terms of ability - but it will sell purely on exclusivity.

Most of the upgraded (Nismo) parts are available and can be purchased - at a price - from your Nissan HPC but you still won't have an original Spec-V.

Anyone looking for more BHP and torque could do this simply and relatively cheaply with a Milltek "Y" pipe and a Cobb Accessport ...

3 December 2009

Sorry, but to all those peopple giving out about the price, and saying it's greedy, if the company can sell them, they are completely entitled to charge whatever they want. They are a company, and most companies attempt to maximise their profits! If these increased profits allow for greater job security for the employees of these firms, then so be it. At least its wealthy people paying over the odds and increasing the job security of others.

I'm sure most companies could (and possibly should) sell products for less than they do, but they are businesses not charities.

Sorry if that sounds very greedy and angry, just being realistic. If I owned a car company, I would want as big a return on my investment as possible.

3 December 2009

The car will obviously crush most if not all competitors on the race track... no matter if its which FIAT are the parent company or VW...

However the car doesnt look 125k special... For a start the wheels! Why,why ,why are they black? They look like Halfords specials and thay would be the first thing to add another 5k to the price! A nice set of gold, silver or anthracite alloys would have had far more visual impact to a fairly squat pitbull of a car...

Other than that, the 40 reaching Europe will probably not be enough to fill the need for speed, so depreciation will be non-existent to marginal I would wager!

3 December 2009

Also, just to clarify, I also think it is a huge amount of money for the car, and if I had it, I couldn't justify it. I am merely stating they are entitled to charge whatever they want if they can sell it at that price.

3 December 2009

"But then Honda and Mugen somehow spent £15k on giving the Type R 3 or 4 more horsepower ..... I know the £ is weak against the Yen, but my sense of humour is weaker."

Think you will find the Mugen Civic is a pretty much a bespoke hand built track racing hatch that you also can use to get down to the DIY shop exceedingly rapidly...

For your money you are getting a light weight special with an extra 40 or so bhp and 200kilo`s shed. Roughly 4 secs per lap banged off Bedford Autodromes (The West Circuit) over the Champ White edition Type R (and thats allready quicker round there than a Gti mk6 or 2.0Tsi Scirroco by some margin)... Also only 20 are being produced, so even more exclusive in numbers than this Super-GTR...


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