23 October 2016

An Aston Martin V12 Vantage S chases a 2017 Nissan GT-R around Blyton Park Driving centre.

Both cars have 563bhp, but go about making and deploying it in very different ways. The V12 Vantage S is lighter, manual, and rear-wheel drive. The Nissan GT-R is heavier, but has a twin-clutch automatic and one of the most sophisticated four-wheel drive systems on the planet.

Can the V12 Vantage S keep up?

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JJ Joseph 31 October 2016


Was that a video game? Don't answer - I don't want to face up to reality.
5wheels 29 October 2016

errrr the interior chaps!

Near seen such an unbritish, ugly, without class no distinction interior on an AM in my life. WTF happened to class and style???
Yes it goes and its great and I would love at least a ride in one, but really, such a Chinese-cum- Indian interior.YUKKIE
welly 9 November 2016

Aston Interior

I know this thread originally is about the performance video, - however I couldn`t agree more about the horrific, generically asian, bad taste, poorly resolved Aston Interior. As a V8 Vantage owner, I love the car, and the original unmolested exterior shape. The interior was by far its best when it originally came out,- wouldn`t need the naff power, beauty soul rubbish when it starts, but the car is simply gorgeous and makes me feel special. I`d love a V12 Vantage, but I hate the nasty bonnet louvres, incidentally I believe Asda had some on offer shortly before the V12 came out. Cheap styling on what could be superb functional detailing. I`ll stick with the basic V8 Vantage.
Since the first AM V8 Vantage, Aston has only cheapened the brand with gimmicky, poorly thought through styling. Get back to the Aston Basic Recipe, - it ain`t rocket science.
scruffygav 24 October 2016


Brilliant bit of video Autocar! The guy in the Aston is clearly driving the wheels off of it. At about 1min4secs it's properly being steered entirely on the throttle. So good to see a some frantic manual pedalling and without any lurid, tyre wrecking over steer!