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Official 0-62mph is 0.3sec faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo S's official figure

Nissan has revealed its heavily updated GT-R is capable of 0-62mph in just 3.0sec, 0.3sec faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Nissan had previously remained coy on the 11MY GT-R's acceleration capabilities, not confirming any figures alongside the rest of the car's revisions announced shortly after the Paris motor show.

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The 3.0sec time was achieved at the Sendai Hi-land Race Way on 12-13 November, achieving the same time at media events on both days. Weather conditions were "sunny/cloudy" for both days, with a temperature of 14.9 degrees celsius on the first day and 18.6c on the second.

A standard Pure Edition car with no options and stock wheels and Dunlop SP Sport tyres was used for the runs, the suspension being set to the extreme 'R' mode.

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All 2011 model year GT-Rs get more power and toque, as well as refreshed exterior and interior styling and a new aerodynamic package. Power from its 3.8-litre V6 engine is increased to 523bhp, arriving at 6400rpm. Peak torque is also increased to 451lb ft and is available between 3200-6000rpm. Despite these increases, fuel economy and CO2 emissions are also improved.

Dynamic changes include a new strut brace, revised spring ratios, shock absorbers and stabiliser bars and improved brakes to reduce fade and boost stopping power.Read Autocar's first drive of the new Nissan GT-R

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The Nissan GT-R is not a cheap car, but it’s better value for money than cars that are seemingly as fast

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herbie911 3 December 2010

Re: Nissan GT-R: 0-62mph 3.0sec

For a normal professional like me. I cannot afford to buy cars like 458 or LP 570.

It is nice that Nissan produce something like the GTR for lawyers, doctors or dentists to sample the sort of driving experience which are previously reserved for lottery winners, footballers or bankers!

There is nothing too fast for the road. You can use a Veyron daily if you want to. Its all down to your maturity and education (+ a bit of luck) to keep your licence clean!

optimal_909 3 December 2010

Re: Nissan GT-R: 0-62mph 3.0sec

TegTypeR wrote:

to line the two cars up side by side and do the test.

Over to Autocar......

Then Nissan delivers a heavily modified PR car. In the late Driver's Republic comparison they took a stock GT-R against the 911 GT2, and the Porsche was in a different leauge on the Ring even in wet conditions. However, I also think that these numbers became meaningless as the GT-R became a soulless machine when it lost the Skyline name. A true statement of Ghosn's leadership.

herbie911 3 December 2010

Re: Nissan GT-R: 0-62mph 3.0sec

Great headlines for all those Porsche haters in this forum

Nissan no doubt is a great car. The 0-60mph is really impressive for the price.

German manufacturer always understate their achievement

Turbo s 0-60 3.3 Most car mags get that car under 3s

Japanese manufacterer always BS their 0-60 figure

The pre-facelift 0-60 3.5s How many car mag achieve that

I don't care how fast the Nissan lap Silverstone

If I won the lottery, I rather have a GT3 RS for trackday and a 458 for some fun on a sunday with my GF

A C63 AMG estate to take the family out!