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First look at all-new electric car

This is the first picture of the new Nissan EV, which will be officially unveiled on Sunday.

The pictures follow the unveiling of Nissan's Tiida-based prototype yesterday, which uses the same platform as the new EV.

The all-new EV will go on sale in Japan in 2010, before ariving in the UK in 2011, with mass roll-out scheduled for in 2012.

According to Nissan, the electric motor delivers 107bhp and 206lb ft of torque. It is powered by a 24kWh lithium ion battery pack that sits under the car's floor without compromising cabin or cargo space.

The flat floor helps to smooth air flow under the car, which helps reduce drag, while a regenerative brake system recharges the battery during deceleration and braking. This helps the car achieve a range of just under 100 miles on a full charge.

Nissan says the frame that houses the battery boosts the car's rigidity, minimising vibration and improving handling.

The car's sat-nav can tell the driver how far they can get on the current charge, and highlights the locations of charging stations.

Owners can run the air-con while the car is plugged in to the mains, using the EV's built-in timer to switch it on. That means the car is cooled using mains power, avoiding using the battery.

The timer can also be used charge the battery at a specific times to benefit from more favourable electricity rates.

In addition, charging and the air conditioning can be stopped and started remotely via the internet or a mobile phone.

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