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An image of the 1340bhp, £1 million Chinese EV has surfaced online

This is the NextEV electric hypercar, shown in an image that has surfaced on Chinese social media site Toutiao.

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The image is a detailed sketch that shows the Chinese hypercar in motion from above.

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The car's styling is as dramatic as you'd expect of a new hypercar, with flying buttresses at the rear, as well as two creases along the car’s spine. The doors cut into the car’s roof, and there’s no back windscreen.

The rear end of the car is blurred by its simulated motion, meaning that neither the front nor rear styling can be seen, just the details visible from above.

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NextEV’s hypercar, according to the text that accompanies the image, will have a 1000kW motor - the equivalent of more than 1340bhp. This could put the NextEV in the same performance league as the Koenigsegg One:1, Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera, depending on the car’s weight.

The NextEV is just one of a raft of electric supercars and hypercars announced recently, including the Rimac Concept One and GLM G4, among others.

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NextEV’s presence in Formula E, as well as its experienced management – former Ford of Europe president Martin Leach is the company's boss – arguably makes it a more likely prospect than many others.

A price of around £1 million has been mooted for the car when it goes on sale in China, before being launched in other markets.

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