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Frankfurt concept to follow hatch, MPV and SUV to crown four-car electric line-up

Volkswagen will complete a quartet of ID electric concepts later this year with the unveiling of a saloon, possibly at the Frankfurt show in September.

It will join an ID SUV, set to be unveiled at the Shanghai show next month, alongside the already revealed ID Buzz MPV and ID hatchback.

Volkswagen I.D Concept 2017 review

VW design chief Klaus Bischoff has promised a “surprise” for the saloon, which apparently prompted “wows” from his colleagues when they saw it for the first time.

The ID models preview VW’s EV ambitions, with the brand aiming to sell one million electric cars annually by 2025. The electric concepts represent ‘families’ of models, each of which will have different identities and bodystyles but a common theme, according to Bischoff, including what he calls “a no-grille” philosophy.

“Volkswagen was born with no grille,” he said. “With ID, we’re looking into the future but have our original identity with a closed front end.”

Bischoff added that each ID model will feature a lower air intake for battery cooling when charging, and each will be identified by its headlights and an illuminated VW badge. MPV models will have a “friendly, positive” demeanour, as previewed by the ID Buzz concept, while the upcoming SUV will be “non-aggressive but self-confident”.

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androo 5 April 2017

It's a bar of Imperial Leather...

I see VW's quest to achieve the totally featureless car design continues. If only they could think of a way to get rid of those pesky wheels.
Richard H 5 April 2017

Looks Like a Honda Civic

It would be a day with a Y in it if there wasn't any so called news on Volkswagen Group News
Richard H 5 April 2017

Richard H wrote:

Richard H wrote:

It wouldn't be a day with a Y in it if there wasn't any so called news on Volkswagen Group News

Spell check, seeing as we're not able to edit posts.....

MrJ 5 April 2017

Sure, it'sultra-clean looking

Sure, it'sultra-clean looking, and has a vague resemblance to the last good looking Civic. But Honda has moved on now, with two generations of hideosity from their design team.