Currently reading: Next Renault Laguna 'needs more emotion'
Renault's boss says the next Laguna must have more appeal than the current hatchback

The next Renault Laguna will be a more adventurous model imbued with the ‘fluid and emotional’ styling seen in Renault’s latest small cars.

Chief operating officer Carlos Tavares said although he feels the current Laguna is fundamentally a good car, the bland design of the hatchback has turned buyers against the coupé and estate.

“It’s possible that because the rear of the hatchback is a little bit strange, this has damaged the potential of the other cars,” he said.

“We need to continue to work on appeal. If you look at the new cars — Renault Zoe, Captur and Renault Clio — you understand what I mean. It is about having character without being strange.”

The next Laguna is due in 2014-2015, although there is no news on whether it might return to Renault UK’s model line-up. 

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Soren Lorenson 10 June 2013

Door Handles

I had to log onto Auto Trader to remind myself what the front of these looks like; I can't recall seeing any on the road.

Who thought those scewwy door handles were a good idea and why didn't they fix them at the facelift.  They make the side of the car look very odd.

Second hand these are so cheap I could almost be tempted!

sirwiggum 10 June 2013

The mk1 Laguna had a bit of a

The mk1 Laguna had a bit of a fanbase for being a bit of a workhorse.

The mk2 was stylish, but unreliable (though I've heard that matters were improved with the facelift)

The mk3 looked very bland. The coupe was attractive from the rear (I recently found myself in a Renault showroom of a multifranchise dealer, by accident, looking at a special edition coupe. Aston from rear but the googly headlights looked unresolved). The facelift does look a bit better, with a full length grille, but too little too late.

The Laguna is still for sale, in RHD form, in Ireland. The Fluence diesel there is also cleaning up in the small saloon market, at competitive fleet rates.

The next Laguna needs to look breathtaking, but also have competitive fleet rates if they are to get a foothold in the UK again. The 508 isn't doing too badly in this regard.

Flash Harry 10 June 2013

The Laguna needs a total

The Laguna needs a total rethink.Better styling independent rear suspension and a more competitive price for the coupe which is far too expensive for what it is.