Currently reading: Next Nissan Qashqai production delayed, says report
Financial Times suggests pandemic and lack of Brexit clarity have postponed start of Qashqai production
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7 September 2020

Production of Nissan's all-important new Qashqai has been pushed back until the middle of 2021, according to the Financial Times

The newspaper cites two sources who claim production was originally set to begin in October, although that date has not been confirmed by the Japanese car maker.

In a statement sent to Autocar, Nissan said: "Preparations continue for the launch of the new Qashqai in Sunderland, which represents a £400m investment in the plant."

The firm added: "We have not yet announced a date for the next-generation model, but look forward to sharing some exciting news in the coming months." 

The FT indicated that the apparent delay is largely due to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which has delayed development and changed the firm's priorities. It suggested the delay could also allow Nissan to work out its course of action should Britain not secure a deal with the European Union post-Brexit. 

Just over half of the approximately 500,000 cars produced at Sunderland annually are exported to Europe, and two-thirds of those are Qashqais. Any trade tariffs with the EU would "jeopardise" Sunderland's business model, bosses have previously claimed. 

The report suggests that production of the new Qashqai will not begin until after April 2021. The current version has been on sale since 2014.


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7 September 2020

The original date of oct was never confirmed so how can production date be put back significantly.  Even if true you can understand why, no company would want to release a major model in the next couple of months if they can avoid it.

7 September 2020

Other factories will get the work that Brexiters are chasing out of the UK. Others in Europe will get the work that Brexiters don't want.


Brexiters have done this to Britain.

8 September 2020

The Nissan Barcelona factory which is still smouldering

7 September 2020
Considering the news about how well the Brexit deal is going it is no surprise they want to wait a bit more. After all, Eastern Europe is ready to build it.

7 September 2020

Trust the remoaners to be the only people in the world to welcome Covid-19. That goodness that delayed things otherwise Nissan would have gone ahead and built their Qashqai against all the remoaners predictions. 

Who knows, Nissan may well build the Qashqai elsewhere. Spain, France, Germany etc all lost many automotive jobs just before Covid-19 struck, so what I'd like to hear are the remoaners explaining why being part of the EU never protected any of those workers.

7 September 2020

They would then have to make in the Uk or face 20%  to 30% tariffs which will be partly used to subsidize exports and Ford, Honda and pegeot would reget Uk closure of manufacture.

7 September 2020

You can always trust brexiloons to come up with new "nothing to do with brexit" excuses. They are real experts on this. Now it's Covid, soon it will be Trump...

7 September 2020

WTO has 10% import tariffs on cars, the rest you just took out of your rear.

Plus, they will have 10% added only on cars sold to the UK, not to the EU. Should they build in the UK they will have 10% added to cars sold in the EU but not on those sold in the UK. Since I can't trust you to figure this out, I'll help you - Nissan sold 400.000 cars in the entire EU, in 2019, of which 42.000 in the UK. Therefore, they are better off building them in the EU. Go have another beer, cheers!

7 September 2020

That is why they should be more ,your figures for Nissan are a joke, do not know where you got them from suggest you get some glasses or look at SMMT data. Uk are just far too soft unlike us in France.

8 September 2020
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