Currently reading: Next Mercedes-Benz E-Class to get luxury Maybach version
Mercedes-Benz will expand its resurrected Maybach sub-brand with a super-luxury version of the upcoming E-Class
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10 September 2015

Mercedes-Benz is set to expand its newly formed Maybach sub-brand line-up to include a plush new extended-wheelbase version of the upcoming fifth-generation E-Class.

The new range-topping E-Class, caught here testing in prototype form ahead of a likely unveiling at next year’s Beijing motor show in China, is set to form part of a three-model Mercedes-Maybach line-up alongside the recently introduced extended-wheelbase S-Class and a luxurious new Range-Rover-rivalling GLS Maybach due for launch next year.

Autocar understands the new E-Class Maybach is set to be powered by a 417bhp version of the AMG-developed twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine, as recently launched in the facelifted G500. Other ppowertrain options are also planned, including a petrol-electric plug-in hybrid set-up offering a zero-emissions range of up to 31 miles, according to sources at the German car maker.

Sporting a significantly longer wheelbase than the standard new E-Class, the model will be offered with individual rear seats similar to those in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz has traditionally produced a long-wheelbase version of the E-Class, although up to now it has been sold exclusively in China, where it is produced at Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler’s joint venture partner, Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC).

The existing E400 L Hybrid, built by BAIC, has a 140mm longer wheelbase than standard E-Class models at 3015mm - or just 20mm shorter than that of the standard S-Class. 

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10 September 2015
And soon there'll be an A class Maybach. Why not? Aston Martin makes a Toyota Cygnet. Gewinn uber Alles - Profit above all else - the new Mercedes motto.

10 September 2015
Makes a lot of sense to me. I think there is quite a lucrative niche market for super luxury cars that aren't the size of the Royal Yacht Britannia. Especially where the owner might like to drive themselves once in a while.

10 September 2015
But why extend an E, when you have a specced-up S? The proliferation of models is well past the ludicrous stage.

10 September 2015
Why make a longer E-class when you have the S-class? I think the Mercedes likes to court failure with its regeneration of Maybach. Having failed, or succeeded, with the S-class Maybach getting good reviews Mercedes is out to derail that praise with this E. They should have just the S and whatever the SUV is called this year and leave it at that. If you want to slap a Mayback plate on all of the models just make it the most-opulant variant of the model and not mess with sizing.

11 September 2015
Perhaps 'Maybach' is becoming Mercedes version of the old Ford 'Ghia' badge?

12 September 2015
Will it change from the current E-class model. Most like 10% change.

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