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Japanese 3-series rival will have an estate variant - and be hybrid-only

Lexus is likely to introduce an estate variant on the next generation of its Lexus IS - and make the model range hybrid-only.

The Japanese firm's BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class rival is in its second generation, and a third edition is due in 2011. But while the original model did offer an estate variant, called SportCross, the current car - introduced in 2005 - has never been available in a wagon.

Lexus insiders now admit that this policy has hurt sales of the car in Europe, where it must face the 3-series Touring and A4 Avant.

The next IS is also likely to only be available as a hybrid, fitting in with the firm's current push towards this technology. It already has two standalone hybrid models, the HS250h and the CT200h.

It is unclear how this switch could affect the prospects of a successor to the V8-engined IS F.

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SF695 12 March 2010

Re: Next Lexus IS to offer wagon

There is no such thing as the perfect car for everyone. Personally i like the IS. I just miss the option of the 350 in Europe. And a manual. Let lazy and female drivers keep the auto. The 250 is kind of pointless in my point of view. It's not much faster than an Avensis, partially because of it's auto transmission, but will cost you a lot more. Why not drop it, put the 2.5 in the Avensis and let us have the 350?

Peter Cavellini 12 March 2010

Re: Next Lexus IS to offer wagon

It's just that if your going to improve a car,at least correct all the cars failings and the way to do that is to go back too the drawingboard and come up with something new which Lexus clearly doesn't want to do i think because it thinks it a premium brand.

SF695 12 March 2010

Re: Next Lexus IS to offer wagon

Maybe i didn't understand this article right, but i got the impression that the intire IS range, estate as well as sedan and eventual coupés would be hybrid only. Now that may, as you say be attractive to companies, that want to make a good impression, but it would totally put me and a lot of other off.