Interior and exterior pictures leak out of factory
24 August 2009

These are the first spy shots of the new Hyundai Sonata, which will go on sale in late 2010 and which company insiders believe will have sufficient 'wow factor' to sell on its looks as well as dynamic merits.

The pictures were taken during a photoshoot in Korea, and leaked on to the Hyundai Blog website over the weekend.

Hyundai Sonata spy picture gallery

They are believed to show the car designed for the US and Korean markets, although the Europe-bound version is reported to be similar.

The interior photo shows a dramatically new, modern design direction, while the exterior is also different compared with Hyundai's current look.

"We expect the car to be close to or class-leading in every department such as emissions, handling, ride and so on, but what really marks it out is that it will sell on its looks as well as all its other attributes," said a Hyundai insider.

"The design of this car is every bit as big a leap forward for the sector as the Accent to the i30 was for its sector."

European sales are expected to begin with an estate version, with saloon and hatch models following later in 2011.

The engine range is described by an insider as "exceptional" and will include the 'R' diesels recently announced for the ix35 and Santa Fe, plus a series of small petrol and diesel engines.

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24 August 2009

In my opinion at least, Hyundai's reputation (along with Kia) continues to grow stronger. I have a lot of respect for the amount of effort they are putting into their cars, and as these photos appear to show, those efforts are producing good results.

24 August 2009

Looks good but I hope they change the name. Sonata to me means taxi cabs with grey velour and the faint smell of vomit masked by magic tree air fresheners.

24 August 2009

Based on these admittedly fuzzy images it looks brash and unsublte on the outside and dull as hell on the inside.

I am sure that Hyundai/Kia`s image is improving in certain circles but they are the most vulnerable to the impending explosion of product from China.

I10`s, 20`s and 30`s are selling in great numbers at present because they are very cheap ahead of any real apparent talent they possess. Next time round these buyers will have chinese product to choose from too.

24 August 2009

I am glad to see that in the second picture they are already testing the look of the car with a Taxi sign on the top! wonder if it was part of the aero testing????

24 August 2009

TAXI! TAXI! but alas not for GB, more likely to sell in their thousands in the good ol' US of A !.When you go through the gallery you see an XF rear, the side hints of Peugot607 and front is sort of Toyota/Vauxhall, interior wise its plastic heaven!,i hope the Americans love them, i don't care for cars that are a pastiche of current hot car property, do you!?

Peter Cavellini.

24 August 2009

[quote Autocar]sufficient 'wow factor' to sell on its looks [/quote]

Have to say the current version looks better than this.

24 August 2009

As all modern Hyundais, it will recieve an "i" name - i40.

24 August 2009

As a driver of the current Sonata, I'm quite interested in this. I had no intention of buying a Sonata (no enthusiast seeks these out surely?) but got a trade in deal that was too good to refuse. I expect that's long been the problem with many Hyundai cars, people buy them out of their heads not their hearts. Although I did have a Coupe 2.0 and really liked it. It was no Elise but it was an admirable cheap GT for me for several years. But it just lacked character.

What grates with me particularly is that they're planning to sell this new Sonata on styling, yet it is completely "me-too" and offers nothing particularly revolutionary on that front.

As with most Hyundai's it's another bit of a copy - the 2002 Hyundai Coupe appears to have used the Ferrari 456 as inspiration, this has more than a hint of BMW 5 Series at the rear 3 quarters - possibly with a hint of Lexus LS450 too. The i30 rear boot is very much BMW 1 Series. The outgoing Sonata seems very Audi A6 inspired. Apart from the attention to detail of course. I just wish Hyundai would be a bit more original.

24 August 2009

I think Hyundai is really making a name for itself regardless of the scrappage scheme and given how long it has taken for the Koreans to be taken seriously I think it will be an equally long time before the Chinese make any significant impact.

I agree the front looks very Lexus LS inspired and the rear I think is similar in shape to the Audi A4 and a bit A6 in profile. The interior has a bit of a Lexus/Infinity look, although quality will not be close to these I think this will stand comparison to a Honda or Toyota and in my opinion is a much classier look than virtually anything else this is likely to compete with.

Shame it's going to be some time before it (potentially) reaches Europe, this will really take the company into new territory.

24 August 2009

I can see echoes of Passat CC in that design, which is no bad thing. It is definitely a big step over the rather conservative A4 inspired car we have today.

It seems like yesterday since the current Sonata was launched. Is it just me or are model cycles for cars getting shorter and shorter?


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