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Interior and exterior pictures leak out of factory

These are the first spy shots of the new Hyundai Sonata, which will go on sale in late 2010 and which company insiders believe will have sufficient 'wow factor' to sell on its looks as well as dynamic merits.

The pictures were taken during a photoshoot in Korea, and leaked on to the Hyundai Blog website over the weekend.

Hyundai Sonata spy picture gallery

They are believed to show the car designed for the US and Korean markets, although the Europe-bound version is reported to be similar.

The interior photo shows a dramatically new, modern design direction, while the exterior is also different compared with Hyundai's current look.

"We expect the car to be close to or class-leading in every department such as emissions, handling, ride and so on, but what really marks it out is that it will sell on its looks as well as all its other attributes," said a Hyundai insider.

"The design of this car is every bit as big a leap forward for the sector as the Accent to the i30 was for its sector."

European sales are expected to begin with an estate version, with saloon and hatch models following later in 2011.

The engine range is described by an insider as "exceptional" and will include the 'R' diesels recently announced for the ix35 and Santa Fe, plus a series of small petrol and diesel engines.

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bobsie 16 August 2012

we should see recording

we should see recording breaking sales from the new hyundai models this year.

minesaseat 30 August 2009

Re: Next Hyundai Sonata leaks out

Utterly hideous nippo-yankomobile - I'm sure the yanks will buy them by the million - but then faced with the rubbish alternates they normally have, why not? A pastiche of A4 and the supranaturally ugly Insignia with a bit of Mazda 6 stirred in. Still in the back, after 10 pints of lager and a mutton vidaloo - who cares!

gsmithEIDW 25 August 2009

Re: Next Hyundai Sonata leaks out

Think it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. German brands always seem to have the longest model cycles traditionally. Japanese/Koreans tend to be the shortest.

Although now it's normal for most to have a 4 year model life cycle with 2 year facelift to keep it fresh.