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Mitsubishi turns to diesel-electric technology to keep its Evolution bloodline going

Mitsubishi is planning a radical overhaul of its Lancer Evolution by changing the next incarnation into a diesel hybrid. The switch of drivetrain is designed to save the Evo from tightening economy and emissions regs while preserving its trademark mid-range shove.

Mitsubishi is said to have given serious consideration to axing the Evo model altogether. As recently as a month ago, sources in Japan said an earlier project — to switch the car to a petrol hybrid powertrain and base it on the PX-MiEV SUV concept’s platform — was dead.

But now the firm’s R&D department has been given approval to push the car in a different direction: a diesel hybrid.

Engineers hope that the mix of clean-diesel torque and electric motor assistance will allow the Evo XI to deliver a 0-62mph time of under five seconds, yet cut CO2 emissions to well under 200g/km.

Handling will be entrusted to a revised version of the Evo’s highly rated four-wheel drive system, S-AWC, which integrates steering, braking and traction control.

The switch marks a big gamble for Mitsubishi. Diesel hybrid will, in effect, rule the Evo out of competition use and could limit its appeal in key markets such as the US and Japan, where diesels have yet to gain widespread acceptance.

Peter Lyon

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LateKnight 13 June 2010

Re: Next Evo goes diesel hybrid

adrian888 wrote:

I think it is great news and if the performance is typical Evo-ish then why not? All those diesel performance doubters should try a 200 horses Astra 888 CDTi before criticising performance diesels..... and that was developed 4 years ago.

Yeah, and only had a 1500rpm power band, smoked like a chimney. Sound like a car worthy of an EVO badge ?.

.. thought not.

david RS 11 June 2010

Re: Next Evo goes diesel hybrid

Long live the Ferrari Diesel. It's arriving...

never buy a clio 11 June 2010

Re: Next Evo goes diesel hybrid

Either it's the 1st April or something has gone terribly wrong. Why do they have to make it a diesel? It's surely only a small proportion of the sales so the group average would go down and allow this "extravegance".

Like Beachland, I'm not a fan of diesel, it may produce less co2 (which could be sorted by planting more trees anyway), but it produces particulates which choke you and in the end, give you cancer.. I really don't see the benefit.

I hate the fact that Diesels rarely go above 5000rpm and the constant changes drag. Petrol as a fuel is much better for driver's cars of which I thought the Evo was.

Ah well, may as well shoot myself if this is where we're heading. Diesel Ferrari anyone?