VW's BlueSport roadster is on track for a 2013 launch; will closely resemble 2009 show car
4 November 2010

Volkswagen is on track to provide one of the Abarth sports car’s key rivals in the shape of the BlueSport, due in 2013.

The German manufacturer’s mid-engined roadster is set to arrive at the 2013 Frankfurt show, with sales starting early the following year. Insiders say the car will be close to the concept from Detroit in 2009; that show car was driveable and looked almost ready for market. So expect its two-seat layout and fabric roof to make it onto the final production version.

See pics of the VW BlueSport in action

The BlueSport is based on the new MMB platform (Modulare Mittel Baukasten), which uses Golf suspension parts to keep costs down but has a unique floorpan. The investment in the chassis will be recouped by three models: the BlueSport, a ‘baby Boxster’ (see panel) and a small Audi roadster possibly called R4, provided the Ingolstadt manufacturer can agree a deal with Renault over the use of that name.

Crucially, MMB is scalable, so it can accept different track widths. VW is said to be considering making full use of this to give each of the roadster variants its own, distinct character. It’s not yet known if the cars will have the same wheelbase, however.

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The BlueSport’s engines will be from the VW Group’s latest EA888 line-up, a range that serves the Golf and Scirocco. The VW version is likely to get a new turbocharged 1.6 FSI motor that can offer up to 220bhp when fitted with an Audi variable valve lift system. Transmissions will be standard six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG units, codenamed DQ500.

Production could be split between VW’s Hanover commercial vehicle plant, which would take responsibility for bodyshells, and Karmann’s plant at Osnabruck, where assembly of the BlueSport, R4 and even the baby Boxster would take place.

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1 November 2010

No SEAT version?

1 November 2010

I'll take the Abarth - Italian style over VW boredom anyday - no matter what badges they decide to put on it..

To live is to drive

1 November 2010

As I'll never be able to afford the Audi or Porsche versions, the VW version of this car is very high on my shopping list. However I can't believe that it won't be on sale until 2014 - 5 years after they first showed it! VW you're such a tease.


1 November 2010

I wonder where Autocar are getting their information from - or is this just yet another Autocar article based on nothing more than guesswork and speculation. I've read many articles and features in other publications on the Bluesport roadster all saying the pre-production/prototype example they've driven is incredibly well sorted. Why then the huge wait until 2013 for the production version - even VW aren't that slow at bringing a car to the market. I for one will be buying one as soon as it is released.

1 November 2010

Does Audi really need this car?

If they both come out, which I am sure they will, my money would be on getting the VW. It'll be less common than the Audi equivalent which imo makes it more appealing as it'll be more exclusive.

1 November 2010

This does seem quite a long wait from an obviously well sorted prototype to production model. Not a bad looking car by VW's usually deadly dull models, perhaps the looks will grow even more when I see them in the metal.

1 November 2010

[quote Autocar]Volkswagen is on track to provide one of the Abarth sports car’s key rivals in the shape of the BlueSport, due in 2013.[/quote]

Rivals!? Oranges and apples?....hmm..

1 November 2010

[quote supermanuel]

No SEAT version?


I would have thought being a VW it would come with a fully fitted interior made of high-grade materials. Are they really following Porsche and offering a club racing version?

Oh, I see, seat not SEAT,....

1 November 2010

It does seem like a long time to wait. I would have thought show the production version at Frankfurt 2011, on sale in 2012.

And I, for one, am looking forward to as many manufacturers as possible offering £20-£30K roadsters. Would be great to see, and makes sense as more and more people have multi-car households and the average occupancy of most cars is only 1 anyway.

I would really love Porsche to offer a single-seat version with a central driving position. Ultimate driver's car, lightweight, economical, optimal positioning of controls, etc. And preferably a fighter plane-style canopy... :)

11 June 2013

Props to VW Group for giving it the go-ahead, but the range needs a feisty Seat version.

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