VW rules out bringing four-door Polo to the UK
10 November 2009

Volkswagen has ruled out bringing this grown-up saloon version of the new Polo to the UK.

The four-door, which is expected to be unveiled at the Delhi motor show in January, will be the third iteration after the three- and five-door hatch.

See the hi-res spy pics of the VW Polo saloon

Despite the new saloon being a cut above the cheap and cheerful booted version that have been sold in the UK previously, VW has no plans to sell the new version here.

A source said the market is too strong for hatchbacks and projected sales do not justify a saloon version.

Other European markets will get the four-door, as well as the US, South America, India and other parts of Asia.

As with the new hatch Polo the saloon will be larger and will be significantly more refined and comfortable.

The car could even steal sales from slightly bigger saloons, as the demand continues for smaller, more efficient models.

Photos: CarPix

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Volkswagen Polo

The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo has junior Golf looks, but is that enough?

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10 November 2009

That's a shame VW...

I know these small saloons aren't always the most popular in the range, but the cost of bringing them over wouldn't be that great as the necessary engineering is already completed for the hatch and presumably it fits the saloon too - ie controls and dashboards etc - for the conversion to RHD .

I've had countless Derbys, Polo Classics, Jettas, Ventos, and Corbodas (ok that last one's a Polo in a light disguise) and there wasn't a bad one amongst them.And I did 'test' them :)

They seem to be well liked as new purchases by older drivers, but the depreciation at re-sale - compared to the hatch - probably leaves a negative image on the range overall. But this same point allows for good bargains on the second-hand market ...

Like I said, personlly, I think this decision's a shame VW; the Bora showed that there is a demand for a stylish small VW saloon ....

10 November 2009

[quote suzi120]Like I said, personlly, I think this decision's a shame VW; the Bora showed that there is a demand for a stylish small VW saloon ....

The Bora is a Golf with a boot, there is some demand for vehicles like that. It was replaced with the Jetta.

There is no demand for a Polo saloon, I can see why VW are not bringing it over here. How many other manufacturers produce a supermini saloon? None.

10 November 2009

Is it just me or does it look enormous from that side view?

I can't blame them not bringing it here, it would eat into Phaeton sales.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

11 November 2009

Right decision VW.

Just a shame Suzuki didn't have the same foresight!



It's all about the twisties........

11 November 2009

[quote suzi120]Corbodas (ok that last one's a Polo in a light disguise)[/quote]

It was effectively the other way round.
The Cordoba was the original deriving from the Ibiza as a saloon car,
whilst there is no doubt that the Polo Classic would be more or less different if it came as a hypothetical saloon version of the Polo.
Not only that though... The Polo Classic was even made in Spain from SEAT itself next to the Cordobas.

11 November 2009

From a ‘business’ point of view, I would understand your responses; I even recognised the poor residuals of these cars on the second-hand market (thus their relatively low show-room demand in the past) .... But I wrote from a different angle, that of an end user that has enjoyed cheap quality VW saloon in the past. An ‘enthusiast’ if you will.

Yes it could be argued that the model is covered by the current Jetta (Mk 5 Golf derived). But the model grows with each new introduction and it has certainly moved on the basic car that I think many motorists enjoyed in the past. The current Jetta is now really a large car, even if there are even larger cars currently available. Perhaps the customer base that previously took to these small VW saloons has evaporated now; but perhaps it has not - who knows. However, VW themselves are seemingly recognising the need for a more basic saloon in their North American market; so perhaps there is a gap - especially since no one else is covering it ;)

Not everyone wants built in can openers, feet massagers, and heated eyebrow warmers!

As for Satnav, MP3, climate controls, parking distance monitors – sheesh – I just want to go places, reliably and economically with the local radio station playing…

Yes the Polo Clasic in the 90's ‘came off’ the Cordoba, but the Cordoba came from the Polo programme, using VW technologies. Cordoba had nothing much to do with SEAT technologies of old, therefore many would agree that the SEATs are cloned VWs - if it really matters to us that much...

You know, some posts here are not from aspiring motoring correspondents. This was just my musings to VW via Autocar.

Have good days to all of you.

11 November 2009

Does this indicate that there may be a Polo estate coming a year or two later? The Passat is so large and the Golf so ugly that a decent Polo estate could do well. The supermini class is now so large that it's really small family transport.

30 November 2009

Who knows - it has been rumoured in the past few months and SEAT has unveiled a thinly-disguised concept for its new Ibiza Vario. Don't forget the Renault Clio estate, too.

I suspect not for the UK market, though. Remember the last Polo Estate from 1998 (also a re-engineered SEAT Cordoba, this time the Vario)? Didn't sell well, and if Volkswagen UK have put the stoppers on the notchback, a squareback is surely out of the question.

Shame on both counts. From what we can see (and guess at) the Polo Saloon especially looks to be quite a handsome car. Volkswagen have tended to be good at booted saloons in the past. The Derby was one of the best - elegant, crisp-lined and even better than the Mk 1 Jetta.

30 November 2009

[quote TheOmegaMan]I can't blame them not bringing it here, it would eat into Phaeton sales.

That made me chuckle.

30 November 2009

What, all 14 of them? :-)


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