Sketch on Porsche website shows big front-engined coupe in the style of the 928
25 June 2010

Porsche seems to have given the clearest hint yet that it intends to build big front-engined coupe in the style of the 928.

This sketch is on the opening page of the Porsche Consulting website and appears to show a 928 type coupe with strong 911 styling cues.

See the Porsche 928 picture

There have been long-running rumors that Porsche would spin-off a two-door GT using the same basic architecture that underpins the Panamera five-door.

Other sources have suggested that some senior Porsche engineers have been frustrated that the 911 is limited to six-cylinder engines and would like to build a front-engined V8 GT car which would more closely compete with rival models from Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin.

Porsche has probably been encouraged by the strong sales performance of the Panamera, which should allow the company to easily hit its 20,000 per year target for the five-door model.

Porsche Consulting is part of Porsche Automobile SE and was spun off in 1992. Today it employs 222 people and turns over 61 million euro, working on projects including training and business consultancy as well manufacturing projects in the Automotive, construction and furniture industries.

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22 June 2010

Cool design, just needs non like a 911 head lamps.

22 June 2010

Read a good interview with Walter Da Silva in this months Car mag. He says Porsche are stuck making cars with 911 derived styling and need to do something different. I totally agree. It works for the Boxster/Cayman but others in the range should be more unique.

The original 928 was nothing like the 911 and all the better for it, it's something we all remember. (The 924 was different too but that's because it was designed for VW/Audi). So hopefully this design, although good, is not the final one. Which may be why it's on the website.

22 June 2010

Seen a few computer generated mockups of 2 door GTs based on the Panamera in various magazines. All looked fantastic. There's no doubt the Panamera is an excellent car but the poor munter takes more than its fair share of abuse for its asthetical failings (not that it seems to affect sales figures). Assuming you don't need the extra doors the problem looks to be solved.

22 June 2010

A replacment for the much-missed 928 is long overdue. Just hope the new car is a model in its own right with sensational looks rather than just simply being a 2-dr Panamera coupe.

22 June 2010

[quote Lanehogger]Just hope the new car is a model in its own right with sensational looks rather than just simply being a 2-dr Panamera coupe.[/quote]

Don't know about that. I think it really works as a 2 door. Suddenly all the proportions are right. Am surprised at myself at how much I've liked the impressions I've seen so far. Especially as I've never taken to the Panamera at all.

22 June 2010

Let's face it this is everything the Panamera should be

22 June 2010

Having had a 928 before I've wanted Porsche to bring it back for a long time. It could tempt me out of my XK which no Porsche has done so far.

However, if it ends up as a front engined 911 then forget it.

22 June 2010

Is it just me, or does the illustration just look like a 911? I too would love to see a new 928, it was always one of m favourite cars and even now I keep contemplating buying an old S4... But are we looking too much into this online sketch?

23 June 2010

Yep, a 928 is long overdue.

They should also give the 911 a flat 8 while they're at it.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

23 June 2010

[quote TheOmegaMan]They should also give the 911 a flat 8 while they're at it.[/quote]Why?

Can it accelerate faster, out-do the top speed, be cleaner than the current engine? Will it be lighter? Will it cost next to nothing to tool up the factory? Will there be no reliability issues? Will a flat 8 sell more 911s than ever? The current 997 is a superb super car. Why fix it?


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