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Official images of Peugeot's new 208 have been posted online, days before the reveal is due to occur, showing electric model plugged in
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22 February 2019

What appear to be official press shots of Peugeot's all-new 208 supermini have leaked online, days away from the car's unveiling.

The images, leaked onto a French automotive news site, show the front and rear design of the car and give a glimpse of the interior. They reveal that the new 208's design takes inspiration from the 508 and 3008, with distinctive 'fang'-like LED daytime running lights and a wraparound rear similar to the brand's SUV.

New Peugeot 208 revealed with petrol, diesel and EV choices

The interior again borrows much from the 208's larger siblings, with a large central touchscreen and piano-key shortcut buttons, plus a digital instrument display. 

The Renault Clio rival, which will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show in March, will be the first supermini to be sold with petrol, diesel and electric powertrain choices. 

The launch of the new 208, originally mooted for last year, was pushed back until this year. The PSA Group has been prioritising the expansion of the DS brand, alongside a new range of Peugeot SUVs with the 3008 and 5008, plus an all-new 2008 that's due next year. 

Under the skin, the new 208 is the second car to utilise PSA’s new CMP (Common Modular Platform), after the DS 3 Crossback small SUV. As well as offering improved space and packaging, the platform has been specifically designed to accommodate an electric version (called e-CMP) alongside a range of turbocharged petrol engines and, despite falling sales, a diesel option. 

It means that the electric 208 will require minimal changes over the standard variant to accommodate an electric motor, while the battery pack won’t take up any additional space in the cabin. Details of the powertrain’s performance are still under wraps, but a range of more than 300km (186 miles) is promised. 


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While the electric 208 could in theory be launched alongside the standard supermini, it’s expected that the variant will go on sale slightly after the combustion-engined versions.

The new 208 will also benefit from an interior overhaul that takes inspiration from cars such as the new 3008. The range of driver assist, infotainment features and connectivity tech will be boosted, while it could be one of the first small cars on the market to be offered with semi-autonomous driving features.

A 208 GTi is also on the cards as a future variant, but it won't arrive for some time. Rumours suggest it could be offered in electric form, allowing customer interest to decide how quickly Peugeot will introduce further electric models. That will depend on how well the standard 208 EV sells, though. 

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5 September 2018

At first glance, it looks more conservative than the outgoing model, with a horizontal, rather than rising, waistline.  Good news for rear seat passengers, although the current 208 isn't the worst offender in this regard.

5 September 2018

 Yeah, most Cars look like each other these Days, I guess there’s no radical shape change on the horizon yet....

22 February 2019
Peter Cavellini wrote:

 Yeah, most Cars look like each other these Days, I guess there’s no radical shape change on the horizon yet....

...there are about a million more brands and manufacturers than there were forty years ago - and about a million more rules and regulations. Plus, the optimum configurations for cars were arrived at years ago. It's the same with airliners; the days of tri-jets and rear-mounted turbofans seen to be behind us, sadly. It's two under the wings across the board, these days.

I think car designers do a pretty good job of differentiating between models, given the constraints they must work under and given the multiplicity of competitors.

5 September 2018

Perhaps it's a new Vauxhall Corsa prototype digused to look like a Peugeot!!!!!!

6 September 2018

Looks like they've got the proportions right.

6 September 2018
Hope there's going to be a 3 door version.....being tall I don't like sitting next to the door pillar.

6 September 2018

Looks better-proportioned than the current 208 IMO, more chunky, less 'melted'.

22 February 2019

It looks good. The styling is a little bit fussy, but much better than most in that regard, especially Audi, which appears to be working at making their cars ever more ugly. It looks a spirintual successor to the 205.

22 February 2019

That’s a nice looking super mini. 

22 February 2019

It looks fantastic, maybe bar the big, vulgar, Audi-style grille.


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