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Chiron Super Sport Golden Era features stunning murals of Bugatti’s most famous creations

The new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era has been revealed as a one-off, painstakingly decorated celebration of the French marque’s illustrious heritage.

Designed according to the wishes of a "very important" customer, the latest special edition pays homage to Bugatti's venerable W16 engine and the historic models that established the firm as one of the world’s best-known luxury brands. 

It's decorated with a hand-drawn mural featuring 45 historic Bugatti models, which took more than 400 hours to create - a process that Bugatti itself called "extremely intimidating".

The ink was developed for durability and should last the lifetime of the car.

The passenger door features 26 cars, including the Type 41 Royale - regarded as the world's most luxurious car when it launched in 1926 – and the Type 57 SC Atlantic, a personal favourite of Bugatti's former design director, Achim Anscheidt, who oversaw this project.

Bugatti chiron super sport golden era side door

The 'modern' era of Bugatti is depicted on the driver's side, with sketches of the EB110, Veyron and Chiron itself.

As a nod to the 16-cylinder engine that Bugatti has used for the last two decades, the 3712 components that make up the unit are also sketched onto the doors.

The entire car is coloured in two-tone Doré gold and Nocturne black.

Anscheidt, who retired from his role as Bugatti’s chief designer last month, said: “Our customers can be incredibly creative, and we take great pride in helping them realise what they dream of, but extensive special commissions such as this are exceedingly rare: we usually see no more than one or two creations on this scale each year.

Bugatti chiron super sport golden era rear


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“Given the exacting nature for this project, [the] Golden Era is probably the most demanding piece of tailored personalisation work that my team and I have ever worked on.”

The calligraphic theme continues inside on each of the door panels, with the EB110, Veyron, Chiron, Type 57 SC, Type 41 and Type 35 painted directly onto the leather.

The Golden Era will be handed over to its owner at Monterey Car Week this Friday. It's not known how much the highly personalised car cost, but that the standard Super Sport cost £3.2 million when new.

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Pierre 10 August 2023

So ugly though. You don't honour a tradition by creating a travesty of it. Elegance will always trump vulgarity.

Peter Cavellini 10 August 2023

Museum car?, calling it a new model by putting a bit of artwork on it isn't what a car is all about.

After_shock 10 August 2023

They arent calling it a new model though are they, its a new 'one off' version of the existing car, like the previous 1 off and 1 of however many specials they have done of the Chiron. Its still a 'Chiron'.

Peter Cavellini 11 August 2023
After_shock wrote:

They arent calling it a new model though are they, its a new 'one off' version of the existing car, like the previous 1 off and 1 of however many specials they have done of the Chiron. Its still a 'Chiron'.

Would you buy it?, I preferred the murdered out version, all black paint job , interior in black also, much more appealing I think,no, no I wouldn't want one even if I could afford one, it's not a daily driver, and even if you did you'd be scared to park up in case you or some scratched it, so, a one off hmm, Museum it!

After_shock 13 August 2023

Definitely not, couldnt think of a single use for it, especially in the UK. Maybes a blast down a night time derestricted route in Germany?