New small platform strategy means less weight, fewer parts and better fuel economy
6 November 2009

Nissan’s replacement for the Micra will be the first car to be built on a new global small car platform, designed to be cheap enough to build and sell in developing markets but also sophisticated enough for Western Europe.

Nissan claims car makers usually take an existing platform and strip content from it for use in emerging markets. This project takes a platform engineered primarily for those areas, then adapts it for mature markets.

See the pics of the new Nissan Micra

The ‘V-platform’ will underpin cars up to 1600kg in weight and with a maximum torque output of 147lb ft. This means the largest engine fitted to the family of small cars will be a 1.5-litre turbodiesel. The first three cars to use it will be the Micra replacement, a small MPV and a small saloon.

Engineered by Nissan in Japan, the platform project focused on reductions in weight and the number of components.

The V-cars have 18 per cent fewer parts than Nissan’s previous small cars, according to the firm. The dashboard assembly is made up of 28 parts instead of 56 and the seats are now made up of 50 parts, down from 85.

Nissan says much effort went into maximising refinement, in light of the lightweight construction. Engineering tricks include more rigid floor pressings, isolation of suspension from the floor and shapes pressed into the roof to reduce resonance.

The majority of V-platform cars will be powered by new, low-friction three-cylinder engines, which will come in 0.9 and 1.2-litre capacities. Most versions will probably feature turbochargers.

Nissan engineers say the combination of lightweight engineering and torquey engines could deliver significantly better fuel economy than rival vehicles.

Our Verdict

Nissan Micra
Its ambition is to be a world player, so will it show world-class ability?

The Nissan Micra is a supermini offering low running costs but in most other areas is below the class average

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The company has also engineered a new, very compact, low-friction CVT transmission, which has a much higher top ratio than normal.

The V-platform has been primarily engineered for comfort on the demanding roads in emerging markets such as India and China. For Western versions of the V-cars, extra emphasis will be placed on refinement and body control.

Hilton Holloway

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6 November 2009

Similar article you wrote a few weeks ago.

will give the same responce here:

[quote Autocar]The V-platform will underpin cars up to 1600kg in weight and with a maximum torque output of 148lb ft. This means that the largest engine fitted to the family of small cars will be a 1.5-litre turbodiesel unit. [/quote]

Since when has 1600kgs been considered a small car?

Also why does 148lbft maximum of torque equate to a largest engine of 1.5 litres?

Nissan also has 1.6 and 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines with torque less than 148lbft.

The 2.0 has 145lbft.


having said that they probably will use new small turbo engines.

but come on autocar tell me any modern car that weighs near to 1600kgs and has a 1.5 engine??

the facts are wrong.

6 November 2009

The heaviest 1.5D car nissan are running that i can see is the Qashqai+2 which is 1511kgs a fair way short of 1600kgs, and that has the higher power/torque 104bhp/177lbft engine which cant be used for the 148lbft limit V-platform.... can you imagine a car that size with it's BIGGEST engine being the 84bhp/148lbft 1.5D? I can't.

Nissan needs to clear things up a bit.

Anyway looking at petrol engines and the new micra, 148lbft matches the torque of the Abarth 1.4 turbo with 135bp. so nissan do have scope to do a sporty micra, possibly with the Renault/nissan 1.2 turbo tuned, but for some reason Renault chose not to use that engine (100bhp) tuned up for the Twingo RS, they used a 1.6NA (130bhp) instead, no idea why unless it was cheaper.

6 November 2009

Whatever way you look at it the Nissan Micra, along with its stablemates will continue to hold up the outside lane of the motorway.

Seriously, nine times out of ten if you are in a line of traffic the car holding you up will be a Nissan Micra or Almera!

Horrible range of cars (apart from the Z).

6 November 2009

It looks aggressive, which is great for this car.

My Accent Hatch weighs 45.5 Kg more than this car it if wieghs 1500 KG as they say it will. Therefore, I think this will be sold in the States as well for crash regs.

It will be fine to go up against the Yaris in the US, but for you guys in Europe it will seem very heavy and underpowered.

6 November 2009

-i totally disagree beemerboy, Nissan do a supber and fantastic range of motors that have been consistent and expanding over the years, they have probably the one if not the most exicting range of new models (along side Renault) coming out over the next few years than any other manufacturer.

-they are also the UKs biggest car producer and the UK holds the Nissan EU design centre; all of which is again brilliant.

-i have not ever been held up by a Nissan, however, I have been held up by an R8 audi, plenty of beemers, mercs etc; often I find drivers of Audi, BMW (inc. Mini) and MB to be the most impolite drivers on the road.

-that is not saying all audi and BM and merc drivers are impolite (I know some very polite drivers of those makes) but it seems that I come across more impolite drivers of those than any other makes.

6 November 2009

There's undisguised spy shots doing the rounds of this car on some of the car blogs. Don't let the drawings tease you into thinking this is an exciting looking car. In reality it looks bland, derivative and very basic. The front's too fussy and poorly resolved while the rear looks like a slightly undated CityRover. A definite backward step from the current car which looked pretty daring when first launched. Indeed, I remember a lot of people bought the current model when it was first launched as a cut-price alternative to the Mini.

6 November 2009

Where are these pictures? All I can find are pics of a mule wearing a current micra body.

6 November 2009

[quote nissantrader]Where are these pictures? All I can find are pics of a mule wearing a current micra body.[/quote]


6 November 2009

chears. realy is dull!. hope it's not finished.

6 November 2009

[quote beemerboy] to hold up the outside lane of the motorway.[/quote]

Not so. My wife's Micra 160SR was so much more fun to drive that I turned my nose up at either an M Sport 1 or 3 Series. I just wasn't prepared to spend my hard earned cash on a car that couldn't put as big a smile on my face as a little Nissan Micra. I Recon that car was held up by more BMs than it ever held up its self. What I remember about BMW drivers was that they were particularly reluctant to move over when they saw the Noddy Mobile behind them, particularly if driven by a woman.

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