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Leaked promo film accidentally shows Merc's all-new SLK ahead of its official debut at Geneva
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9 December 2010

This is Mercedes-Benz’s new SLK, accidentally revealed when a French promotional film leaked onto the internet for a few hours over the weekend.

There’s enough detail in the footage to see the new car’s more aggressive front end, including a prominent oval-shaped grille, and the sharper lines in its tail.

See pics of the new Mercedes SLK from the leaked video

The new SLK grows compared with the old car; it’s 31mm longer, at 4131mm, and 33mm wider, at 1808mm. It’s a little taller too, at 1304mm. Mercedes insiders say these modest increases have all been used to improve interior accommodation and boot space.

Mercedes is promising a more focused experience than on the outgoing model, helped by wider tracks and variable damping control that will be offered in an optional agility package.

The line-up will comprise the SLK200 (184bhp, 44.1mpg), SLK250 (204bhp, 45.5mpg), SLK350 (306bhp, 39.8mpg) and SLK250 CDI (204bhp). But while Mercedes’ performance division AMG has chosen a twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 to power the new S63, CL63 and CLS63 AMG models, the baby roadster will get a new normally aspirated, 5.5-litre motor.

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It’s expected to deliver around 422bhp, or 62bhp more than the 5.4-litre V8 used by the outgoing SLK55 AMG - and to improve on its fuel economy, thanks to the introduction of a cylinder cut-off mechanism that works during part throttle loads.

The SLK’s public debut is scheduled for the Geneva motor show in spring 2011 - although this premature leak of so much footage may yet prompt the manufacturer to officially release information ahead of this date.

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6 December 2010

Screen grabs are a little fuzzy, but it's not exactly a looker, and certainly appears massive compared to the original SLK.

6 December 2010

Watch the video in full, I think it's got real character. Especially the rear. Merc has done alright this time round. Hopefully more of a macho image than the first two incarnations.

6 December 2010

[quote Autocar]This is Mercedes-Benz’s new SLK, accidentally revealed when a French promotional film leaked onto the internet for a few hours over the weekend.

As Victor used to say, "I don't believe it!"

It was no accident, with its looky-likey face it needs all the publicity it can get.

6 December 2010

It looks disproportionate, the front's too big for the rest of the car!

6 December 2010

Just spotted the combined MPG for the 350. 39.8mpg from a 300 bhp V6. I know it wont do it in the real world, but an amazing 'test' result.

Looks wise it appears to have suffered the current Merc 'style', but i imagine it will still sell well.

6 December 2010

Saw this on Friday last week, I think it looks excellent MB have done a good job.

6 December 2010

Absolutely stunning - certainly puts the Boxster in its place! Although the Z4 and TT have already done that too.

6 December 2010

OOOOHHHH! yet another Merc,should be called the SLK Pantene?,will be seen in lots of Golf club car parks, on a Thursday?.

6 December 2010

That grille ..... d'oh.

The rest looks good, but that grille .... surely there is a Sprinter van driving around with a smooth and sleek grille looking rather out of place on its voluminous snout.

6 December 2010

Looks a lot like the new CLS, but the new CLS is somehow much, much more beautiful. It's not that bad, the back is nice, but I think the Z4 looks prettier.


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